The Division’s Developer: “We do have to keep it in check with the consoles”

As the developer revealed in an interview with Team Epiphany:

“One good thing about The Division is we’ve always considered the PC as a separate platform. We do have to keep it in check with the consoles; it would be kind of unfair to push it so far away from them. But it’s been good having a dedicated PC build for this game.”

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Lamboomington1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )


That statement is going to become another PR nightmare for Ubi, as far as PC gaming goes.

Errorist761995d ago's completely understandable and btw the game looks great on PC! It's the same as with TW3...They simply can't build 2 completely different version considering geometry, effects, animations and stuff. This is a sensationalist article. And it does look close enough to those E3 builds btw...What was definitely better were all those tiny effects, additional animations, staged behaviour of the players etc which they just put in for showing-off purposes.

Lamboomington1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )


I agree with everything you said.

Doesn't change the fact that "We have to keep it in check with consoles" is something that people will remember for a long time, in a bad way.

Also, I don't know if you understood what the statement implies. "We need to keep it in check with consoles... would not be fair to push it too far from them"

That has nothing to do with two builds and what not. That has to do with PARITY. I don't care if the game already looks good on PC. Parity for parity's sake is a crap thing to do period.

Now, ofcourse, maybe he didn't really mean it like that. It could be that there were much bigger reasons for the PC downgrade. Even so, what I said in my comment is still true.

Lamboomington1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

"BS, it's completely understandable"

What's BS ?
"That statement is going to become another PR nightmare for Ubi, as far as PC gaming goes."

Why is that BS? That is 100% true. I don't care if the article is sensationalist or if the dev didn't mean it like that. The fact that it is now a statement associated with a Ubisoft dev... is a BAD thing for them.
Common sense will tell you that.

1994d ago
frostypants1994d ago

These "PR nightmares" sure don't seem to be hurting them in real life. The truth is that the vast majority of the market doesn't follow this stuff, much less hear about it.

IaMs121994d ago

Seems like EVERYTHING in this world can't be better than something else. Freaking come on you are holding back graphics because the fear of hurting someone elses feelings because its not fair? Grow up!

The whole world is going this mentality of Political Correctness, whens its one of the most wrong things.

In the efforts to become tolerant of everything we have become intolerant to everything.

thereapersson1994d ago

What I want to know, is why PC gamers give a damn? The mod community is so great that most games these days are taken to a place no console can reach. Even older PC games can mostly keep up with modern software titles. Just look at what's still being done with games like Skyrim and GTA:V.

Errorist761994d ago


Modding in online games is quite a bit more difficult usually.

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solar1995d ago

It's also, again, proof that consoles hold back PC. This is the spoken word, we've seen it with the graphics of Watch Dogs and The Division.

And that's just graphics. Imagine what else was cut because "we don't want to piss off Sony and MS"

FullmetalRoyale1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

My friend, I do believe you are forgetting your fellow PC gamers, the ones that don't have top of the line rigs. You know, the actual majority. Leaving those people out it can sure LOOK like only consoles "hold back PC", but that is simply not the full truth. They make games that most gamers can play, and then add in special things only YOU can have. Seems more than reasonable to be. 😐

Erik73571995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Yea he basically said yhat from his statment yet you still get disagress from console gamers.

And I think any pc 500 and over is more powerful than a console...

uth111995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

It's not consoles holding back these games, without console support, these games would not get made. Or at least not with the budget they do. The Witcher devs abmitted that.

Also the majority of PC gamers don't have console-crushing high-end rigs

solar1995d ago


i know i will. ive been on this site since the beginning. What? 8-9 years ago now? ive seen it all. all the idiots flip flopping.

its ok, the slow kids will have their instant gratification needs fulfilled by pressing the disagree button.

IIFloodyII1995d ago

You needed proof? Isn't it pretty much common sense?
Just like PCs also hold PCs back.

Lamboomington1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )


That's true. The Division is already one of the best looking games out there on PC. Also, it's clear to see the PC version is not just a port.

That said, if they omit higher grahpics OPTIONS from a PC simply because they don't want it to look too much better than consoles, that's bullshit.
If it has to do with ease of development, sure. Two different builds and all that, no problem. If it has more to do with downgrading for parity's sake, that's sad.

We'll never really know how much of it was because of parity... so it's hard to judge.

solar1995d ago


i never needed the proof. im not one of the slow kids. the slow kids needed the proof. well, there we all have it now.

sullynathan1994d ago

You're assuming that these games would actually be good or great beyond just having good graphics if they were on PC. In truth, watch dogs would still be a below average GTA clone with good graphics if it was only on PC.

The division would be this faux rpg-mmo thing but with good graphics.

theDivision1994d ago

You say consoles hold back PC but the fact of the matter is as far as the population of gamers go Consoles make up the majority. While it would be wonderful (and I wish it would be possible) for every game to be 100% optimized for each platform the simple truth is that this is done to make money. The main source of money is on Consoles.

This game wasn't even planned for PC.

frostypants1994d ago

@solar, would you prefer they just stopped making games for PC, and PC only had games made by PC-only devs? That's the alternative.

FlameBaitGod1994d ago

Anyone who disagreed with you solar really doesn't understand hardware lol. But I'm in the same boat as you, I've been here 6+ years and its mostly kids who disagree or at least I hope so.

solar1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )


ok, lets go off topic then. here are two examples of your beloved companies MS and Sony.

Sony and MS using child labor

Sony being told to stop being so bold with their drug money laundering

Those are the companies you slow kids argue over "who makes a better gaming console".

So, back on topic:

i didnt say that frosty. everything you slow kids bitch about "the xbox 1 is holding back the PS4...waaaaaah!!" and "LOL! the xb1 only does 900p at 30fps" when the PS4 does the same game at 1080p at 30fps and claim its some sort of accomplishment that has never been done before.

everything you slow kids rage on about how great your consoles are has been done 500x over on PC, and for years.

and when a developer finally says it, because no matter how many times we told you so, you slow kids cant get it through your heads that. The hardware is shit, MS and Sony sold it like it was the best thing ever, and you bought it.

you are masochists.

simpletons, slow kids. we look down upon you because that is what you are. you are the peasants. you take shit and proclaim its gold.

sullynathan1994d ago

So no one is going to refute my comment but instead press the disagree button and call me a simpleton?

Did people forget that watch dogs started as ass creed in a modern setting? The game was never going to be good or great no matter what platform the devs chose to be its lead.

SlightlyRetarted1994d ago


Jesus Christ, you're immature...

generic-user-name1994d ago

If that's true then just switch to console gaming.

solar1994d ago


immature? LOL. usual response when truth hits people in the face. attack the messenger.

remixx1161994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

@solar dude you are petty as hell

I hope you know that its console sales that help push the budgets of these big games right??

Your right in some cases but your maddd imature and condescending in others.

lol saying slow kids and peasants, damn your pathetic homie, get a life my dude.

its pathetic.

this is a hobby dude, treat it like one and stop taking it so seriously, did MS or Sony toush you when you were young??

Stop your childish crying and play video games dude, people like you are a far bigger cancer to the gaming community than the stuff you cry about.

lol slow kids...

showtimefolks1994d ago


not everyone has a $1500 super PC but console gamers have the same machine

also they can sell a lot more on console than pc

Pongwater1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

As long as there are games that take advantage of extra PC power then consoles don't hold PCs back. There are many such games, running at higher resolution with more visual effects, etc.

PC gamers with extra powerful setups don't seem to understand they're a minority. There's not much incentive for developers to cater to that niche. If you can't figure that out, you probably shouldn't call anyone "slow".

Truthandreason1994d ago


That doesn't really make sense either, as those with lower end computers should just scale down settings accordingly....most games still look pretty great at mixed medium and high settings and even some low.

One of the major bonuses of PC gaming is upgrading. A couple years down the line a cheaper GPU will be able to play it at high or max and many more people will be able to enjoy it at higher fidelity.

solar1994d ago


you are one of the slow kids. im sure you might be a good guy, but you are ignorant. continue being the sheep you are.

remixx1161993d ago

@solar exactly?

I said I agree with alot of what you said, your just a bit of a childish pick is all.

Not to mention you are a bit ignorant yourself.

these consoles you hate so much provide the majority of the income that allows these devs to keep pumping out the big AAA that you use to Herald the PC master race.

AAA gaming is already on the decline while mobile is taking over and you hate consoles??

Okay let's see how large the flow of big budget games are after these consoles die.

PC gaming is cool it just that is has this bad habit of producing hideously cancerous byproducts like you who feel their willingness to spend money on more powerful hardware gives them the right to insult others.....

I own all 3 current gen console, all 3 last gen consoles and both handhelds, a decent gaming pc wouldn't be much for me to afford.

Your ignorant my dude, that's all. Stop over compensating for what you obviously lack and enjoy your video games bro.

remixx1161991d ago


lol I actually laughed out loud at that vid...

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dreadz741994d ago

How they are completely honest with that statement. Without console sales many devs would be out of work and money. This is why console versions of Multiplats always sell more on consoles bigger market man wake up. Game on Pc looks better period so not a big deal.

lelo2play1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Ubisoft have become a joke in the gaming business, specially in the PC market.

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freshslicepizza1995d ago

so he's basically saying consoles hold back the potential of what pc gaming can do. that's understandable since most money goes into console marketing. and to be quite honest the install base for those with extremely powerful pc's is probably quite low in comparison.

Erik73571995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

You dont need a powerful(aka expensive) pc to have something that's more powerful than a console lmao

Hereiamhereibe21994d ago

Actually you do, if you want a PC that is more "powerful" than a PS4 or Xbone built from the ground up you looking at spending well over a $1000, that is pretty damn expensive if you ask me.

AndrewLB1994d ago


Absolute nonsense.

Steam alone has over 125 MILLION active users and over 50% of them according to the steam hardware survey have a graphics card thats as fast or faster than a GTX 750ti. (which is slightly faster than ps4)

Lamboomington1994d ago

No, what the statement means is "We don't want to give PC graphics that are too much better than consoles"

The statement implies parity for parity's sake. That is unacceptable in itself.

However, I doubt the dev meant it that way. There are probably other bigger reasons for downgrading the PC version... I hope.

freshslicepizza1994d ago

what other reasons? this is what he said,

"We do have to keep it in check with the consoles; it would be kind of unfair to push it so far away from them."

unfair meaning they don't want the pc to totally outshine the consoles. which means too much work for them to make each platform the best it can be. we heard the arguments before about the ps4 not being pushed because of the xbox one, same thing used to happen when the ps2 was around, some developers were lazy to push the xbox version.

a game should be made on the most powerful hardware and scaled back accordingly to work on other hardware. some systems like the wii u just can't handle the scale and scope of some of these new games so it makes sense to skip some platforms (like handhelds as well).

extermin8or1994d ago

No a game should be made on all platforms to allow for the strengths of one platform to benefit that version of the game. End of the day the PC version looks better if they went up nd made it look loads better etc they'd a) be spending money on stuff most gamers wouldn't see/experience because the super high end rigs make up the minority of the market. b) potentially harm sales of the console versions which will bring in most of the revenue that allows the game to have the budget it has and exist in the first place.

Sokol1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

A very expensive pc could see a even more detailed Division but is it worth the time, money and the cost associated with it?

How many gamers will be able to enjoy that high requirement to see the Division in it's glory? I have been gaming on PC since Wolfenstein and Doom in floppy disk format and over the many years I continue building mid/high range pc for myself and friends.

At least from my experience many people don't have the budget for exceeded recommended settings or even high/ultra.

Whatever goes behind those corporate meetings it's not the 90's and early 2000 anymore. Console market dictates the budget and build of pc market for majority of its multiplatform games.

The day of pushing Crysis limit are almost not existent. It's simply not worth or profitable anymore to continue. As much as a love my (Canada) 350$ gtx 970 it's the same costs as a PS4.. That alone will always be a barrier for majority of potential PC games and gamers.

Lennoxb631995d ago

"As much as a love my (Canada) 350$ gtx 970 it's the same costs as a PS4.. That alone will always be a barrier for majority of potential PC games and gamers."

I've said the same thing but got 100 disagrees.

kaizokuspy1994d ago

So your graphics card is the same cost? Or the casing and everything with it, mouse and keyboard plus monitor and all wires? To me the drawback of pc gaming for those entering it is how much a user will need to learn about their hardware, patches, updating drivers etc... it's a pain and a hassle. Which is why I prefer consoles. Pc gaming definitely gives you more freedom and better graphics as well as mods, but the avg gamer switching to pc will find a lot of headaches when they switch.

Unspoken1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

I can see why someone would think it takes a 970 GTX at <$300 to over take a console. It's easy to blame expense. This reasoning falls flat for one, it took a 260X/265/750 Ti to match console graphics...which was years ago and much cheaper than a 970 GTX. Newer cards are released and the competition between nVidia and AMD drops pricing down to affordable levels on an annual basis. There isn't an excuse to not be able to build affordable gaming rigs and there are numerous youtube videos to prove this.

A 970 GTX is pushing 1440p, and 1080p because the game may not be optimized but the GPU still has a ton of horsepower left on the table. They aren't optimizing for PC due to parity and spending the least amount of time on development for the most amount of profit. I don't necessarily blame the devs per se, but the publishers are likely the culprit.

The hypocrisy is that while we don't need next level graphics to enjoy a game, we do enjoy the extra immersion added to the experience. It's talked about on a daily basis, though partly to help soothed bruised egos, but nevertheless adds more realism to our virtual worlds. PC users luckily get to see a couple of extra features and even though it receives a ton of flack, GameWorks and any AMD implementation at least gives us something to look forward to.

Even when I couldn't play Crysis at max levels immediately, I witnessed it driving innovation in game development and in turn hardware development. It pushed boundaries rather than have everything cookie cutter, one template for all type of mentality. It is the early adopters and enthusiasts who help drive sales of what is to come next before mass adoption of the derived hardware. I wasn't dismayed at my current level of fps and resolution, I was excited what the future would hold and was blown away when I finally experienced it on a high end machine and monitor.

It's unfortunate what the industry has turned into when the consequence of streamlining game development is for the sake of the bottom dollar for shareholders, due to the perceived backlash of vocal critical cynicism pervading gaming culture.

In turn, wanting the PS4 to have the best experience and not appreciating what each device has to offer is causing developers and publishers to walk on eggshells in order to play it safe. This method will not improve the PS4 if it is thought of as the status quo. Food for thought.

Lamboomington1995d ago

Does it matter ?

It comes down to this -
Did they downgrade things they could have left as options ? If yes, that's stupid, and sad, and is... well... sad.

If they downgraded things because they could not be easily left on as options. ie, if it would require a huge effort from their side, and cause performance issues on most PCs, then I have no problem.

Basically -
If the INTENTION of the downgrade was ease of development and good performance on many configs, fine. I have no problem with that.

If the intention was PARITY, then it's bullshit, and really sad.

Sokol1994d ago

Absolutely agree with you - parity is a horrible practice and not fare in any way to those customers who paid very good money to enjoy the higher fidelity product.

Unfortunately, we don't know the truth and any developer PR will spin the story in their company interest which is their job anyway.

I still think in the end, especially with today's economy and costs, time is money.

extermin8or1994d ago

What was shown at that E3 was before the game was even being released on pc. So that build was built after. They are talking about pushing and adding new stuff beyond what already has been added on the pc version - whi h would be a waste of money and rescources as only a minority of pc gamers would see it and it wouldn't help sales, might even harm console ones if some console players were feeling petty. End of the day consoles are where most of the revenue will come in for this game I expect and are therefore the reason the game was able to be made and have the budget it has.

tee_bag2421994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )


That's precisely the point here though. They already had higher quality assets running on a PC way back then. It's no extra development cost since they'd already done most of the heavy lifting.

They've evidently and admitanly stripped them for the sake of parity.

Ubi keeps on digging

ERFO1995d ago

So.... PC'S are more powerful than consoles?!!!!!

We have to tell someone!!

PS Google 'division pc 4k screenshots'and then tell me the console is holding back the pc.

OoglyBoogly1994d ago

"PS Google 'division pc 4k screenshots'and then tell me the console is holding back the pc."

Well the developer just admitted that the console versions are holding back the PC version due to it being "unfair" (i.e. parity).

Also, just because The Division looks good on PC doesn't mean it couldn't look BETTER. But instead of making it look better because they can they decided not too because it would make console gamers cry.

Which parity in itself is ridiculous..."Oh we paid $350 for a console with already outdated hardware at launch and our feelings get hurt because someones $800 PC looks better!"

ERFO1994d ago

My feelings aren't hurt at all. If my friends and I were hardcore enough we'd all spring for PC'S that could run an unbridled version of the Division at max settings. But the thought of all of us dropping 5 grand on a gaming PC is a tad ridiculous. So our current console demographic is setting the bar. There is a very small group of hardcore PC players that are pissed about this and who cares? Just them. The penance that us console users have to pay? We read a whiny piece about it once in awhile.

Those 4k screenshots? Absolutely gorgeous. Whine away.

OoglyBoogly1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )


The fact you think you have to spend $5,000 on a gaming PC is, in itself, a tad ridiculous. I've got a 5820K, 290X, 16GB RAM, dual SSD's, 4K monitor, etc and it all cost me under $1,500.

The fact there are even just two people that disagree's with this comment shows how dense the people on this site are. What is it that you waterheads disagree about? That you don't have to spend $5,000 on a PC? That I spent $1,500 on my PC? Are you just jealous that I've got a decent gaming PC and you've only got a console?

kaizokuspy1994d ago

@oogly, that's just gibberish to us console users.

AndrewLB1994d ago

Actually the game DID look better. REmember E3? They've downgraded it the game since then.

Pongwater1994d ago

"Are you just jealous that I've got a decent gaming PC and you've only got a console?"

Speaking only for myself, nope. I could easily afford a high end gaming PC if I wanted one. Don't want one. I've tried PC gaming and always go back to console.

Why can't PC gamers with above average rigs understand they're a minority, and why do they feel the need to call console gamers names like "water head"? You're the one not grasping the situation.

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maybelovehate1995d ago

Too bad Consoles are holding the industry back. : P

Lennoxb631995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Without consoles there would be no industry. Well, there would be one. It would just be 1/4 the size that it is today. Or smaller.

If PCs were the only choice than gaming would be a niche hobby for the tech savvy and fat pocketed. Not too many are either of those things.

Most are either going to be one or the other. Like me, I'm tech savvy but can't afford a PC to play todays games.

maybelovehate1995d ago

Chill.. I was just teasing. Hence the tease emotion. I love my consoles. Just not as much as my PC.

OoglyBoogly1994d ago

Bullshit. PC gaming is ALREADY doing FINE...more money than ever. If consoles didn't exist, for whatever reason, then PC gaming would EXPLODE. It's not like if consoles didn't exist people would just stop gaming. What a stupid comment, I mean, really.

FlameBaitGod1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Yeah because steam sales breaking records each year is hurting the industry LOL!!!, what a joke. CS alone has over 20 million copies sold. Tell me which PS4 exclusive or Xbox exclusive sold that many copies.

If you cant afford a PC then you cant afford a PS4.

PS4 + tax $436
PS Plus 2 years 1 month $145.75
Lets say you only paid full price for 7 games and you only have 7 games for your console, that's $420.

$436 + $145 + $420 = $1001

1) On PC you don't pay a month subscription
2) You have sites like G2A,GreenManGaming, Steam Sales to buy new games for 40 or less on release date
3) Your PC has A LOT more functions than a console, not just games and stream.
4) You can play every PC game ever released, there's no backwards compatibility problems.
5) If something breaks you can change it your self next day(cus you have to go out and buy the part).

Thank You and Good Bye

neoandrew1994d ago

What a BS, pc sells more games than consoles, but any games, not only AAA titles, so without consoles, the industry would be fine, just even more people would play pc, as it is already.

extermin8or1994d ago

@neoandrew basic maths... some of us can do it... to get the sales it gets pc games for whatever reason cost slightly less at launch- the majority of sales of ALOT of AAA pc games wont occur until a steam flash sale or whatever when the game costs a fraction of the price basically more copies could well be sold but at FAR lower margins which results in less revenue and therefore less or even no profit. Not complicated.

Seafort1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

It also goes the other way.

Without PC gamers buying the hardware from AMD and nvidia bringing the prices down the consoles would be a lot more expensive.

How would you like to pay $1000 for your console if the hardware price wasn't reduced over time?

The only reason you see lower sales of games on PC than consoles is because on PC we have a lot more games to choose from so sales are spread thin across a wider range of games being sold.

It doesn't help that most AAA games are poorly optimised for PC platform so publishers are their own worst enemy when they don't put any effort or money into optimising their games for the PC platform.

Why would anyone on PC pay for a crappy console port if they knew it was poorly optimised?

They still have the cheek to complain about poor PC sales and then blame piracy for their lack of commitment for PC platform.

You reap what you sow.

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Lamboomington1994d ago

Lol, the industry makes most of it's revenue from consoles... atleast as far as AAA gaming goes.

We wouldn't have these big, complex, high production value games if not for consoles.

FlameBaitGod1994d ago

and that's crowed funded lol. Pc gamer's don't waste money on games yet crowdfunded a full AAA game. PC gamer's have funded 107,695,267, many triple A console games don't even have that budget lol. We actually fund good games and not blindly pay 60 bucks for things.

extermin8or1994d ago

Star citizen- crowd funded, if it ever sees release as promised and advertised i'll be shocked. My housemate is someone who gave funding and has early release beta of it and... well it looks pretty and everything but the games other aspects look fairly clunky and disjointed and it feels very very very far from any kind of final release if it EVER gets one.

Pongwater1994d ago

@Phear - Horrible example, and the fact that you have any agrees says a lot about the PC gamers on N4G.