Rainbow Six: Siege Black Ice Update Causes Horrific Bugs writes:

''The latest Rainbow Six: Siege update has fixed, tweaked and added a number of things. Thatcher finally has a shotgun, objectives are listed on Operator selection screens and there’s a nice new map. It’s not all that’s been added, there’s a few bugs and glitches currently doing the rounds.''

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Momo1181999d ago

that invisible laser bug is bullshit

PixelGateUk1999d ago

It's even worse when they remove the red spike :( no way to tell its there bar a lucky emp/iq

DarkOcelet1999d ago

LOL at the Bugs Life picture in the thumbnail XD

On Topic: I really want to get this game but honestly, it feels like there is not enough content to justify the purchase and the issues are still aplenty.

Garethvk1999d ago

I was bored after a couple hours with the Beta.

DragonDDark1999d ago

I have hit one person with my whole magazine and he was still alive lol
Never coming back till they fix this.

ShadowKing-1999d ago

quit playing this game a while ago, the amount of bugs in this game after each patch to patch bugs is ridiculous.