Rumor: Clover Studios v2.0

When Capcom shuttered Clover, the arm behind Okami and Godhand, grown men cried. Producer Atsushi Inaba fled the company, while his partner-in-crime Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil) kept contractual ties with Capcom.

So, what came of Inaba? What is he doing now? Word from a handful of insiders is that he has set up his own studio in Osaka and is hard at work on new titles.

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DJ5251d ago

pick these guys up and straight out fund them. Clover Studios has done such a great job over the past few years that I can't imagine this developer ceasing to exist.

Puck5251d ago

It's a shame a few developers at capcom make great games while the rest make so-so titles, Clover was one of the emerging game developers on the market that had potential. I hope in the future that they become one of the best Japanese independent game developers in the future.

Lurker5251d ago

Clover Studios I wish them good luck.

MicroGamer5249d ago

If they can do games like Okami and Godhand on 360, they may be able to get more support from the Japanese market.