Five Games You Need To Check Out In The Steam Sale writes:

''Steam sales are always handy. Most people already know what they’re looking for. The biggest releases of the last few years are often the most popular games picked up on sale, but there’s much more to explore. Covering every smaller release would take far too long, but there are some games worth highlighting. Even with that said, be sure to browse the lesser known games on Steam before the sale ends.''

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DarkOcelet1075d ago

I have both Wasteland 2 and Satelite Reign. I didnt touch them till now, maybe its time to play them.

PixelGateUk1075d ago

Satellite Reign is perfect if you have a few hours free. The amount of options open to the player from the very start is really refreshing.

Plus the art style and music is soooooo damn sweet

DarkOcelet1075d ago


I think i am gonna start with Satellite Reign first then. I love games with awesome soundtrack so i will probably love this :)