Ubisoft Sees The Division As a Franchise, Plans on Building It For Years

We chat with Julian Gerighty, the associate creative director for The Division, about Ubisoft's plans for the property and continued support following its debut.

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OoglyBoogly1999d ago

Building it? You mean adding back the boroughs that were already supposed to be part of the game?

Seraphim1999d ago

The Destiny Model. Strip and part out for double or more.

_-EDMIX-_1999d ago

So you've never played an MMO before huh bud?

Seraphim1999d ago

have and an MMO is not Destiny or that model. an MMO actually gives you a full game at release and added content w/ actual Expansions. Destiny Model is far from MMO

ScorpiusX1999d ago

You have a link to when they stated that all of NYC was going to be part of the game.

_-EDMIX-_1999d ago

"supposed to be" when did they say that though?

I'm not sure how some folk are speaking of such content as if for a fact someone stated they would be in the game in terms of the base content.

Unless someone stated that from Ubisoft about the base game, sounds like you've imagined what it was "supposed" to be.

Couldn't I say GTAV is supposed to be all of America? lol

Sure....sure bud.

Hoffmann1999d ago

I really hope this flops.

Goldby1996d ago

why would you want a game to flop, Massive has put years of hard work into the snow drop engine before even beginning the Division. if it flops, many will be out of jobs. why wish that on anyone. just sounds like your very immature

Dark_Anakin1999d ago

Sorry Ubisoft, Activision already tried this trick two years ago!

Dark_Anakin1997d ago

Not really, Destiny is dead, so is the franchise.

MegaRay1997d ago

But they made lots of money from. I'd say it was successful.

_LarZen_1999d ago

I highly enjoyed the beta and can see this becoming a franchise for Ubisoft. Going to be interesting to see where they take the game in the time ahead.

But for now I'm just to excited to get started on the game in about a month. Cya on the streets agents!

teo721999d ago

He's most likely talking about building division games, plural; aka sequels where you likely are able to use your division 1 character (like in destiny).