A Timeless Classic: Street Fighter II Turns 25 Today

Capcom’s arcade fighter turns a quarter century old today, leaving a legacy that is down, right + fierce.

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JMPetrequin3032d ago

Holy crap, how is it that old already

dead_pixels3032d ago

Seriously. I remember when the game first popped up in the local arcade at the batting cages. Funny how much of an impact on the industry one game can make.

bloop3032d ago

25 years, wow, that makes me feel old. Still playing HDR regularly and every few months I find myself loading up HF for a few rounds. Sadly there's no online community left on HF anymore, on 360 anyway :( and HDR seems to be getting very quiet now too. I wish they'd release HDR on current gen consoles. I'm sure a lot of people would pick it up with V releasing soon and could get some badly needed heads back online in the lobbies. SFII for life!!!

Hoffmann3032d ago

Hmph. For me it was Tuesday.

specialguest3032d ago

"Go home and be a family man"

Hoffmann3032d ago

I said that to Guile but he stole my line and used it for SFII!

specialguest3032d ago

Ironically at the end before finishing you off, he did go home and became a family man lol

pompombrum3032d ago

"leaving a legacy that is down, right + fierce"

Article writer, you Sir just won the interwebs this weekend, I'd give you at least three cookies if I could!

sadsatan3032d ago

just got a new ps4 for street fighter 5. my 1tb ssd is ready!

dead_pixels3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Thank you, I'll be here all night. ;)

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