The Division: Fans Find Netcode To Enable Cheating

"Concerned fans are raising the alarm; based on what they’ve seen in Tom Clancy’s The Division’s beta, they believe it will be prone to hacking, and particularly, cheating."

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hiredhelp3032d ago

Hope it will later be patched in, However time will tell but more we see of the exploits threw this loop hole hopfully more the team will want to do something.
However with the campaign and side missions could be enough to keep us going till fix The PVP section..

C-H-E-F3032d ago

This is why console gaming is a better choice for online games. Single Player yes PC is wonderful, but online gaming is where consoles shine, you don't have to worry about this much.. just idiots glitching haha.

Seafort3031d ago

You realise the files for cheating are on consoles too right?

This is a massive oversight by Ubisoft and very incompetent of them to have files that can change stats client side.

I hope they encrypt them before launch.

C-H-E-F3031d ago


Okay... and?? You can't mod a console game disc files and put it back into the console to play it and "actually play it" lmfao... the console will give you all kinds of errors. PC doesn't do that, so what's your point exactly?? Nothing? Oh okay... farewell.

Goldby3029d ago


im hoping this is the reason they are doing an open beta later this month, to test out their solution to this issue

Lon3wolf3032d ago

For a game that requires an internet connection why keep this stuff client side controlled?

Perjoss3032d ago

I'm really torn on this title, I enjoyed the beta but I really didn't like the frame rate on consoles as it felt closer to 20 than 30. I have a decent gaming PC but then there's the problem of cheaters on PC. I think I'm going to wait and see what the community has to say a few weeks after release.

Grave3032d ago

If the Dark Zone ends up being a mess I can get over it. I'll just end up playing the PvE and consider the online a "no-go zone" like I do with GTA V.


Exclusive Q&A: “Tom Clancy’s: The Division: Hunted” Author Thomas Parrott

from paulsemel.com: In this exclusive Q&A, the author of the new technothriller based on "Tom Clancy's: The Division" discusses how it ties to the games while also bringing its own story to a close.

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rpad109d ago

did you edit out the parts where the author repeated everything you asked?


Ubisoft's The Division series just had 80% slashed off its price on Steam

If you're looking to try out an exciting, team-based shoot 'em up, The Division is currently on sale on Steam!

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Stop Forcing Multiplayer Into Single Player Games

TIM WHITE WRITES: "Multiplayer or single player? Developers, you can do both, just not willy-nilly."

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Flawlessmic415d ago

I am in absolute agreement with the OP 👌

shinoff2183415d ago

I hate when I see single player games and see people begging for multi-player. Jeez guys it don't need to be on every game. Latest one I seen was atomic heart.

-Foxtrot414d ago

Multiplayer or even co-op

If it was always a single player game then that's how it is

Inverno414d ago

It's a trend that never really went away. For me multiplayer in a primarily SP focused game was an excuse for DLC. Then there's the mentality gamers had that adding multiplayer makes a game worth the price, otherwise it should be half price for half a game. A way of thinking devs reassured when they started adding multiplayer to their sequels. We see the same with multiplayer focused games getting SP in their sequels.

Flawlessmic414d ago

Tbh multilayer now is a way to add live service and mtx elements, very rarely does it come of well.

What single players game used to be in a lot of cases now require 3 other people for keeping to really enjoy it and I hate having to rely on others to get the maximum from a game.

Sp should be sp, if devs want to add a separate multi mode then that's fine with me, the legends addition to ghost of tshushima was fricking sick but totally separate to the main game. Sick of co op too.

Hofstaderman414d ago

I remember when certain single player games had them as included optional modes that was played on the couch. Had brilliant times with Syphon Filter and Golden Eye. Me and my bro used to used to fight over who would play as Gabe even though it was technically just a skin. Good times.

Dagexon414d ago

I didn't notice your comment before I added mine.
But good times indeed

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