Amazon February Weekend Digital Sales (Up To 75%) For PS4/PS3/Vita

"Amazon is offering up to 75% off on digital video games for PS4, PS3 and Vita users. Games on sale include Star Wars: Battlefront, Need For Speed, Dark Souls II, Battlefield 4, J-Stars Victory VS+, Dragon Ball Xenoverse and lots more!"

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DarXyde2546d ago

Pretty decent sale.

Sony needs to be careful with these offers. Some of these games actually came out quite recently, so, for me, it's almost pointless to buy them at release if they're going to be heavily discounted like this in no time.

shadowknight2032546d ago

Blame the publisher namco. Actually dont I rather keep seeing these deals!

Eidolon2546d ago

It's pretty much the same deals as on PSN, I'm sure the publishers have everything to do with the sales on Amazon as well.

InTheZoneAC2546d ago

you buy it initially if you really want the game

obviously everything in life goes down in price as you wait, this is no different.

DarXyde2546d ago

Certainly, but Star Wars, for example, is basically down to half price now as is NDC.

I'm all for great sales, I just think if we can reliably assume we'll be seeing heavy discounts on fairly new games like this, there's little reason to ever buy at launch besides having it right away.

...or perhaps...This is Sony trying to sell holdouts on digital.

InTheZoneAC2545d ago


again, I bought star wars day 1 and did not want to wait 3 months for a sale...

Tankbusta402546d ago

I think Battlefield 4 has set a record for amount of times a game has been on sale since release!!

kaizokuspy2546d ago

Aren't these sales just the same as ps4? With maybe an exception. For sword art online?

Silly gameAr2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Yep, and God of War 3 Remastered.

KosherNostra2546d ago

Metal Gear Solid V is only $39.99. That ain't too bad.

Dragonking0072546d ago

I got it for 23 at launch but i trade in drive club so that helped drop price

Ilovetheps52546d ago

$40 is still too much for that game. I'm ashamed I bought it at full price.

Yobo52546d ago

Ive seen physical retail copies for the same price, not worth paying the same for a lease on a game.

InTheZoneAC2546d ago

do you know how much space I'd be taking up if I had physical copies of all my ps3, ps4, and wii u games?

Omegasyde2546d ago

They make Dvd books.....

Yobo52546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Sounds like a personal problem... lol. No, but why not have a collection? It looks cool. When I look at digital games I have I have to find it buried in a digital library that no one else but me can see.

I only pick up digital when it's a dramatic price drop compared to physical, because I know that I'm only paying for a license that can be revoked at any time.

KosherNostra2546d ago

Gah. Finding the sales on Amazon is such a pain. I literally have to look for each of these games individually. Who designed this?

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