My experiences at Global Game Jam 2016

Howell Duggan of GamersFTW writes: "The world’s biggest game jam, Global Game Jam is an annual event where people gather across multiple sites across the world, to create a game in 48 hours. People typically join small teams, in order to get artists, programmers, writers, and musicians to collaborate together to create a game. To enforce the 48 hour deadline, there is a theme that must be incorporated, which is only announced at the beginning of the jam.
So, last week, on a Friday afternoon, I ventured to Cardiff, joining their site as part of the jam..."

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SmallestSteph1999d ago

What an incredible experience. Tempted to give it a go myself one day. Really loving the NPC concept though, its a shame you couldn't get through more of it!

Yukes1999d ago

Love the wild creativity that comes out of Global Game Jams. Not sure I could keep inputting dialogue at 4am though...

no_more_heroes1998d ago

Took part in this last weekend in Orlando. This was the first GGJ I meaningfully took part in. We actually didn't do too bad. Our game took on two challenges: make it CECO compatible (a game that could be played by kids with Cerebral Palsy) and do the Microsoft Azure challenge (incorporate Azure into the game). We won the Azure challenge and six $100 gift cards.

Our game was a prototype of a tower defense game called Bedtime Stories, where you use various toys, etc to protect yourself from monsters that attack you at night while you sleep.

We're actually gonna present it to the kids at a CECO convention in March (in a more complete state, of course).