Review: Dark Half (SNES)

Dark Half is one of many hidden gems of the Super Famicom's later years that remained out of reach for non- Japanese-fluent gamers until AGTP Translations released the complete English translation patch. It is by far the most leftfield production from Westone - famous for the more upbeat Wonder Boy series - and we have yet to see a game explore the duality of good and evil with as much class as this one manages to do.

If you're seeking a JRPG with a dark and gritty adult theme, look no further. Dark Half is unique, made during a time where it was becoming increasingly hard to choose from the multitude of "me too" RPGs on the Super Famicom, and as such even in its homeland it was unfairly overlooked. Correct that lapse by tracking down a copy of this game and loading it into your RetroN 5 or Retro Freak, since both support soft-patching of cartridges. Just make sure you are perfectly clear on the point that this is not a story of happy feelings and colourful worlds, like many JRPGs on the system.

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