Top V Most Annoying Achievements

What are the most annoying achievements ever?

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Tobsesan1999d ago

Try Forzas "Win a 24 people online player match, but you have to start as last one" dude that achievement is like impossible....

BattleAxe1999d ago

The most annoying ones that I received, came lastnight while I was watching someone streaming on Twitch. One was for watching a stream for an hour, and the other was for watching a stream for an hour on a channel that has less than 10 people viewing. These kinds of achievements are pointless...

Nivekki1999d ago

What game was that lol?

BattleAxe1999d ago

It's not a game, I'm talking about Twitch TV. They even have achievements for watching Youtube and other things.

Nivekki1999d ago

Achievements for watching something? Within a few years the BBC and ITV will have something similar. It's only a matter of time.

Sometimes I think 'The internet was a great achievement' and sometimes I think 'I wish the internet wasn't here'.

beerzombie1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Using V for five is wrong.