Can We Forgive Hillary Clinton For Her Past Wars On Video Games?

There's one aspect of Hillary Clinton’s career that sticks out in the minds of probably quite a few gamers, her 2005 war on violent video games. It was one of the hallmark proposals of Clinton’s Senate era, that selling violent games to the underage should be criminalized. Together with Senator Joe Lieberman, the two crafted the Family Entertainment Protection Act.

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crazychris41242000d ago

Video games should be the least of our concerns with her.

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Germany72000d ago

No, she will be awful for the gaming industry, also she was a disaster as secretay of state, even FBI is going after her.

Bigpappy2000d ago

To be fair, the FBI is looking to see if she mishandled government emails. She has not been charged with anything. Ithe is good that they like into the powers that be actions to see if rules were broken. Good for democracy. BUT labeling the woman a criminal over possible mishandling of email is a stretch.

Germany72000d ago

Bill Clinton did illegal things to females.
Hillary did illegal things to emails.

AnotherProGamer2000d ago


Having a affair isn't illegal, he lied about it is what got him impeached

BattleAxe2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

@ Bigpappy

She had thousands of classified e-mails on here personal server which she kept in a closet in her bathroom. Everyone knows what she did was wrong, and she is being protected by the Democrats. She shouldn't even be allowed to run at this point.

ShaunCameron2000d ago

@ Ratchet8

<Bill Clinton did illegal things to females.>

I don't know about that, but he sure did some things to disenfranchise Blacks and the poor in general.

- the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act that allowed predatory lending.

- mandatory minimum sentencing

- the signing of NAFTA

- Welfare reform

All of which his wife, Hillary, supported.

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rainslacker1999d ago

How would she be a disaster? I doubt she's going to make any of her policies have anything to do with video games. I can't see any candidate doing that. As it is now, it's usually some lone senator who decides to try and pass any video game related law, and it's usually shot down before it even begins.

These people may play this whole, "lets blame something else so we can ignore the real problem and make those who give us money happy" game, but in reality, most of them couldn't care less, because they know what kind of money it brings in which only reinforces the overal GDP of the country.

Clinton has some other issues which don't make her an ideal candidate, but she will win if Trump is the Republican nominee, because Trump has pissed off too many major voting groups to stand a chance in hell in the actual election. If someone else gets the republican nomination, then at least Clinton will really have to work to get elected....but despite all her faults, she gets stuff done, and to me, that's important for a president to be able to do so we don't have to spend the next 8 years like we've spent the last 8 where our lawmakers are fighting policy makers every step of the way due to extremist ideals.

T1ttyMunch3r2000d ago

War... War never changes...

Paytaa2000d ago

Please no more political articles on N4G. All hell is going to break loose if this gets approved and then people lose bubbles over stuff that has nothing to do with gaming. I made that mistake already.

Ogygian2000d ago

To be honest, I don't see a candidate who will be good for games in either party. Doesn't bode well for censorship in video games in the near future.

rainslacker1999d ago

Censorship isn't likely to happen. It's an area that will strike the wrong chord, and has too much potential to blow up in the press among those who value free speech.

Enforcing the current rules the ESRB sets forth to not sell M rated games to minors is not censorship, it's just good practice, and no one seems to find it offensive or damaging.

Banning violent games will never happen, and the blame that goes on is just to pass the blame onto something else and ignore the actual reasons why violent things happen.

Banning sex in games won't happen, because games are a medium of entertainment, and it starts the slippery slope of it being able to be done in other places, which means those other places are going to be all against it, and in the US, the entertainment industry as a whole generates too much revenue, and has more influence on public opinion than the whole of our nations politicians.

Nothing will change for video games regardless of who is elected, because AFAIK, none of the candidates have any actual reason to try and enact any policy regarding them.

The Family Entertainment Protection Act is nothing more than a way to enforce the current ESRB standards. All it does if fine those who sell M or AO rated games to minors. It's no different than laws that are applied to alcohol or tobacco products, and simply adds more accountability for those who sell the products, without actually having any direct connection to the development/production of the content itself.

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