Weekend Deals: Doom, Uncharted 4 And Twilight Princess HD Discounted writes:

''The end of the week has finally came, so why not treat yourself? There’s a few decent deals going around that offer top games for a cut price.''

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Momo1182005d ago

cdkeys have definitely been reliable for me in the past

PixelGateUk2005d ago

They always tend to do decent deals a month or so before a game's release. Saved me a decent amount

nveenio2005d ago

With Amazon's 20% Prime members' discount, a good deal is never hard to find.

SUCKxITxEZ1998d ago

@inveni0- ya sorry but they got nothing on cdkeys. I got mortal kombat X for 15$ on launch day, and I saw Mad max for 10$ on launch day. That's like 80% off. If it's a Warner bros game you will prolly find it for 20$ or less the day it comes out.

LostDjinn2005d ago

Two games outta three for me. One each for PC and PS4, and before anybody goes full Wii-tard I don't buy games twice (not for any system as I don't sell my systems when new ones come out).

Problem is I refuse to hand over money before the game comes out. Preordering can KMA. Still, the prices'll be the same or better at release anyway.

mocaak2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

They also have Dark Souls 3 for $33 for Steam.