Phoenix Gamer reviews Too Human for XBOX 360

The release of a console exclusive is almost always preceded by a wave of crushing hype and great expectations. As such, when they finally drop into our laps we are either giddy with delight or more skeptical than we should be. Sometimes, games deserve the hate (think "Haze"). Other times they don't deserve the love (think "GTA 4," a great game that's riddled with flaws which were mostly ignored by critics).

"Too Human" will fall somewhere in between. As a game that tries to be a lot of things at once and has been praised and pummeled in the years leading up to its release, it is almost impossible to simply put the disc in and see where it takes you. Phoenix Games admits that they found the demo disappointing, but that's because I put it down too early.

"With the full version humming away in my 360, I was able to give this title the time and effort it deserves. I think those of you who do the same will be rewarded. This game doesn't grab you by the throat from the jump like a God of War title. It takes time to appreciate nearly all of its qualities."

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jahcure3739d ago

The range of 6-7 seems to be the niche for this game.