The Division is One Big Open Invitation to Fatigued Destiny

Watch out Bungie, Ubisoft wants your fan-base. Say what you will about Ubisoft, they’re pretty in touch with the state of play and know exactly what gamers are craving at whatever time.

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Pongwater1996d ago

They are similar in some ways, obviously, but different enough for me to play both.

kaizokuspy1996d ago

I hate ubisoft so much but damn do i own so many of their titles. I hope they please me with the division, so far I'm hyped, destiny level hyped. I hope this can be my loot game with friends this year.

USMC_POLICE1996d ago

Aww you don't want to shoot into a cave for hours just to maybe get some legendary loot?

kaizokuspy1996d ago

Thanks for that intelligent response!

zerocarnage1996d ago

I read the first bit n cursed n then read I own so many of there titles and laughed hahaaaa.

Yeah I love Ubisoft to be honest, over the years I have played pretty much every console release they've had in the Tom Clancy franchise. I've enjoyed them through and through. People can hate Ubisoft but there's no taking away the fact they know when to release these titles and at the rite time to. People can hhate all they want because when push comes to shove ever publisher can make a mistake and everyone of them has, they are not robots, but one thing with Ubisoft is they actually care about customers even though they're obviously out to make money like the rest.

kaizokuspy1996d ago

Heh they are a good dev team, reasons why I currently got pissed at them, was there are two different versions of monopoly on ps4. Ones in a bundle the other is stand alone. If you bought the bundle and your friends bought the standalone, you can't play together even though they are the same game. It pissed me off, but oh well, sour grapes over something small. I then went back and realizes I own so many ubisoft titles without realizing it. They always rope me in regardless. They are a good dev team, I agree

USMC_POLICE1995d ago

I'm sorry for making a joke about the loot cave that was used in destiny to farm items because the game never dropped rare or legendary loot in the beginning, I am sorry for joking I am so unintelligent.

kaizokuspy1995d ago

Sure thing, my prior comment about destiny was meant to mean I was hyped beyond measure before destiny's release. It always feels good to feel that excited about a game, regardless if that game became a disappointment or not.

wsoutlaw871996d ago

Destiny had much better gameplay but crap for content. If the division was actually a tactical shooter or had the gun play of R6 then it would be much better than destiny. I just wasn't that into the gameplay and garbage ai in the division. I have been so excited for it too.

zerocarnage1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Destiny all it had was graphicsz it lacked everything else.. the division is tactical, wait till those dark zones are ram packed with players it's going to be think fast, find your positions and hope you've got the rite skills in place and weapons and armors. For the solo player dark zones are going to be more tactical, going lone wolf in these zones is more intense knowing you have no one to watch your back. But it's easy enough to find randoms to join up in your squad so the socializing part that Destiny just didn't have is in the division..

Rainbow six siege basis itself of the cqb, the division while it will have some of this is more street to street fighting, in fact the tactics that could come into play for the division could be any number of scenarios not just breech n clear or defend from breechers.

Goldby1996d ago

Destiny doesnt lack everything except graphics. destiny has some of the tightest controls for shooters out there, dont get me wrong, the auto aim is a joke but thats for casual gamers. but to say its just graphics is trolling

wsoutlaw871994d ago

You clearly don't know much about destiny. The graphics weren't very good, it was one of the best shooters, and destiny also had match making. The dark zones being full of people doesn't make the game tactical. Thats just silly. Its a bullet sponge rpg number based game. The ai is terribly stupid. You just wait in cover then when one gets close you unload on it. It is not tactical just because they put in a cover system that is made pointless by underwhelming gunplay. If you think the only difference between seige and the division is the objective or scenario then you really haven't played either.