Forza - Horizon 3: possible trailer may have leaked

"The leaked footage comes from Dailymotion of all places, from a user known as jonnil-g. No details are known about who this person is, but it’s clear they made the account to upload the footage as they have no followers, nor have they any other videos. I was tipped off about the video this morning by Twitter user Willbsn, where the video was shared on the GTPlanet forums."

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JRPG-FAN3091d ago

I really do hope forza horizon 3 comes this year. Forza horizon 2 is one of the best games I have played so if this leak is true then forza horizon 3 will automatically become my most anticipated game of 2016.

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GHOSTxx4203090d ago

Oh snap this would be awesome even tho im already expecting it

otherZinc3089d ago

Quantum Break
Crackdown 3
Halo Wars 2
Gears 4
And Now;
Forza Horizon 3

That's a nice AAA List for the XBOX ONE. AAA Games is the reason I bought into Next-generation.

OldGuyStillGaming3089d ago

Delays happen

Don't get your hopes up for another "best lineup in Xbox history"

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Dread3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

of course a sony fanboy has to make his little list of games to make himself feel good in an xbox on article

fyi street fighter is not exclusive

i prefer the xbox list but of course its just an opinion and not a statement of fact. so relax sony fan i domt dont need another list

and dont talk about delays ... the last guradian had been coming for god know how many years

christocolus3089d ago

I'm also looking forward to Sea of Thieves, Inside, Ashen and Below.

lastking953089d ago

@Bro true delays happen. Best lineup in xbox history wasn't just holiday 2015 2016 was part of it wouldn't be surprised if they ment the rest of this gen. Imo 2016 is arguably a better lineup than 2015.

@Rpgfan, not bad, I personally prefer xboxs lineup more.

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spicelicka3089d ago

Forza Horizon 2 is one of the best racing games I've ever played. Super hyped for this if this is true.

3-4-53089d ago

I actually enjoy the Forza Horizon series now more than the actual regular Forza series, though both are good.

I love the freedom in Horizon 2. It makes it easy to pick up and play and just drive around and do whatever getting to race or enjoy whatever care I want.

I've still yet to beat Horizon 2 though. I'll play for a few days, then take 2-3 months of and do the same again. It's always just as fun as the first time and never gets old. Most likely never getting rid of FH2.

Can't wait for Forza Horizon 3.

showtimefolks3089d ago

before hating on me

drive club was released and is still get well support of free and paid content. yet we are on 4th forza game

MS knows how to keep releasing same franchises over and over again Be honest what could they improve on forza horizons 2?(it was one of the best racing games this gen)

more power to you if you are interested but MS should look to release some post release content than release b rand new entries

before the time Gt7 comes out there will be more than 7 forza games(and GT started way before forza)

halo has lost it's luster due to many releases and now forza(which had very little fanfare as is)will be next on the list

before you reply with an angry rant(read my comment again)forza horizon 2 is most probably the best racing game of this gen, what could they really improve that can't be released in a expansion/update?

if ms owned uncharted we would get yearly uncharted games or infamous,gt etc,

3-4-53089d ago

Horizon & Forza are developed by two different development teams and are basically two different series.

Onenyte3089d ago

As "fanboy" as he sounds he is telling the truth ,MS never give Forza the time it needs to mature and to grow on people , I haven't even tried my own copy of Horizon 2 yet and now they might be showing FH3 already ?

Forza Horizon on Xbox360 was my game of the year when it was released and i could play it for hours completing the map, etc ( and the soundtrack was so good)

But it just comes across like they are infinitely playing catch up.

I just feel the a game needs time to grow, since 2011 we have had a Forza game EVERY YEAR, giving a player a reason to shelve a game that just hit the stores and that something Gran Turismo does the best as far as a racing sim for sustaining a good community and a good shelf life , GT6 came out mid 2013 and they have provided patches up Dec 2015 and still releasing cars.

Forza games have little to no support after with launch with no community effort to keep the game alive.

At the end of the day , whats the F**king rush ?

showtimefolks3089d ago


i know that but still we are looking at a yearly forza game. I mean no disrespect to the series(as i have already said it's the best racing game so far this gen)

i feel like forza games are really great and have a lot of content so we really don't need a yearly forza game

just my personal opinion

lastking953089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

Lol what? I understand you don't play or know anything about those games so I'll inform you. Forza horizon and forza are two different series with two different premises.

Halo wars is an rts and follows a different story and timeline than the main numbered halos. Halo remains the most popular exclusive so no it hasn't lost it luster. There's only been 5 main games since 2001. I understand it makes you sick to see these franchises be so great and successful that xbox gamers can't enough of but you're just gonna have to deal with it until gamer no longer crave them or story ends, K?

Supply and demand, if gamers are buying regardless and want it then do it. That's why I can't get upset at CoD. Yearly release and still highest selling. But unlike CoD they have quality.

showtimefolks3089d ago


ok but i have said they are 2 different games in both of my comments. still it's racing and it's forza

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crazychris41243091d ago

We all know the game is coming this year. Anyone remember last year that there was a leak of California or Australia as a new location??

Yi-Long3091d ago

We already had Forza Horizon set in the USA, and Horizon 2 set in Europe, so I'm hoping for Asia or South America.

_-EDMIX-_3089d ago

Agreed with how they do it their releases this year being horizon year is not necessarily a shock.

Lennoxb633089d ago

Well they didn't announce the last one at E3.

T1ttyMunch3r3091d ago

Best OPEN WORLD racer out there

Gazondaily3089d ago

Best arcade racer out there this gen period. Simply untouchable 😊

FlexLuger3090d ago

Noooooo! I have not finished FH2 yet. Still so much to do before I 100% complete it. Hoping MS hold it back till next year. Just give us another storm island style DLC and some new cars, in the meantime. we dont need FH3 just yet.

M4DE_IN_W4LE53089d ago

Better still , give us another Storm Island DLC and some new cars , and include them in the original game.

FlexLuger3089d ago

I still got so m uch to do on FH2. I will still buy this at launch but I wont start playing it until I have done it all on FH2.