There's not going to be an Xbox 720 or a PS4? comments on the crazy rantings of one Alex St. John and his predictions of a PC gaming future...

From the article: "Alex St. John is, apparently, 'the guy who talked Microsoft into the console business in the first place', which is probably true, given how small a company Microsoft is, and how they can't afford any advisers other than 'Advice 4 U' employee, Alex St. John. Makes total sense.

You know what makes even more sense? Listening to this guy ramble on about what's "next" for the consoles…

Details on St. John's predicted console apocalypse, after the jump."

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FreestyleBarnacle3713d ago

It's an opinion piece. Personally I would say it seems a bit like the ravings of someone desperate to sell his product and developing selective blindness to the problems he will face. However, there have been many worse examples of journalism and more deluded opinion pieces.

JSA-Gamer3713d ago

I don't think the reporters even read the article... lol...

jav09183713d ago

I believe Microsoft is in the early stages of their next console. I forgot where I read that.

theKiller3713d ago

360 value for money is 1/5 = fails!!

here is my reasoning

u pay 350$ for not reliable console, the RROD service r terribly slow!
u pay for 50$ every year to play online other wise u wont play online!
the 360 owners r mostly bots that ruins the social gaming!
u will have to pay 100$ for the wifi
u cant pay anything to get a blue ray!
already reached its graphics and physics limits
weaker console compared to ps3!

MvmntInGrn3713d ago

Today is a bad day for news. Fanboys fighting over Too Human and crappy article after crappy article.

Why can't it be Thursday? I want my SW:FU Demo!

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The story is too old to be commented.