One Guitar To Rule Them All?'s resident ranter, rants and raves over the status of the cross title compatibility thats allegedly coming to the next Guitar Hero and Rock Band games...

From the article: "I own Guitar Hero (PS2), Guitar Hero II (PS2), Guitar Hero II (360), Guitar Hero III (360), and Rock Band (360). I own FIVE plastic guitars, a mic, and a drum set from those games. It's quite ridiculous. The path that led to my situation is quite frustrating and should've been much easier. I can point fingers at a lot of people along the way (and I have, don't worry… I wouldn't be true to myself if I hadn't vented) but I read some news today that simultaneously made me feel better about someone finally "getting" the problem, but at the same time it pisses me off that they didn't "get it" before I laid down my cash and started my journey in a direction that will be expensive to correct.

Curious what I'm talking about? Find out after the jump…"

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