PC/PS4/PS3 CrossPlay Now Available In DC Universe Online; Here's How It Works

Today's DC Universe Online update (Episode 21) adds PC/PS4/PS3 CrossPlay and some new content to the game.

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ccgr3062d ago

Awesome, I love cross play!

kaiserfranz3062d ago

Who doesn't? Playing with more friends is always more fun!

Imp0ssibl33062d ago

Stupid Microsoft always blocking CrossPlay for Xbox One

ColonelHugh3062d ago

It was Microsoft's decision initially, but I think if enough people suggest crossplay to them, they'll understand how much it's valued.

I play with my friend on PC all the time with FFXIV, and it really helps me feel like gaming is still evolving in a good way, long after I thought online multiplayer was the final frontier.

Hugos3061d ago

This kind of news is a good news. Its not so often to read about games in corss play. It wish, that others developer make his corssplatofm games with corss play option aviabale or added later like free update/DLC.

UltraAtomic3061d ago

I wonder is DCUO is coming the x1?

jcole973061d ago

It's coming to x1 this spring.

UltraAtomic3061d ago

Yea! I know, I just wonder when exactly. like maybe march? :D


DCUO Development Update - August 2023

If you do not read this whole update, here's what you need to know:

* Episode 46 is Justice League Dark Cursed
* PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X launch this holiday season

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