IGN UK: Too Human Review 7.5/10

IGN UK writes:

"Is it possible to recommend, in good conscience, a game that only really becomes enjoyable after around 10 hours? It'd be like forcing a first-time Star Wars viewer to sit through all six films, reassuring them as they squirmed miserably through the prequels that honestly, good stuff is coming, if they can only survive another few hours of Hayden Christiansen's single facial expression.

Which is why what happens after the end of the 10 hour or so campaign works so much better. You can replay any section of the game in any order you wish, with a slightly different selection of baddies than before and with most of the tiresome cutscenes ripped out. With the story, such as it is, out of the way, there's so much less standing in between your giant hammer and a 20-foot robot's face. With your character at around level 30 and a ton of powerful kit equipped, by this point you'll also understand the game's (very poorly-explained) combat mechanics an awful lot better, transforming it from flustered button-mashing and routine death into an artful ballet of carnage..."

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Superfragilistic3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

I gotta sneaking suspicion this will become an underground hit that spreads due to word of mouth from all those willing to invest those first 10hrs.

Still I gotta question the logic of why a developer would alienate the majority of gamers in the first ten hrs?!

I got it and enjoy it. But it took me at least three hours to come to grips with.