Top 10 Best-Selling PlayStation 4 Games in 2015

VGChartz' William D'Angelo: "The PlayStation 4 in 2015 sold 16.74 million units, a 15 percent increase year-over-year, to bring its lifetime sales to 35.79 million units. 124.53 million games were sold at retail on the PS4 in 2015 and has now sold 205.30 million games lifetime.

The PS4 proved most successful in Europe, but also sold well in the USA and Japan. It sold 6.26 million units in Europe, 5.69 million units in the USA, and 1.27 million units in Japan.

29 games for the console in 2015 managed to sell over one million units and four games sold more than five million units."

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Corpser1044d ago

Look at all these multi plats

trunkswd1044d ago

True. Though, all sold better on PS4 than on other platforms.

PistolsAtDawn1043d ago (Edited 1043d ago )

Not in ratio with consoles sold though. I am not sure what his point was, but it seems like...we constantly hear about how great PS exclusives are, but the top 10 is multi-plats. It's a little disconcerting, that out of 30 million consoles, the only PS exclusive to get above 2.98 Million is Uncharted collection, which sold something like 3.5 million.

PS4 is a great console of course, but fair is fair.

S2Killinit1044d ago

haha, before I clicked, I said to myself, "I'm pretty sure the single comment is someone trying to put the system down" and sure enough, here you are.

I hope the comment makes you feel better though, I mean, since the pS4 LITERALLY has more than twice the exclusives than the closest competitor, it doesn't really bode well for those who want to claim the system is just no good.

Corpser1044d ago

Insecure much? Who's putting down the system or says it's no good? And im a ps4 owner

lastking951044d ago

He didn't exactly put the system down you're over reacting imo. You do come off insecure, 2015 was some what of a down year in the exclusive department for ps4, no secret but it's not a big deal nor would it have change the outcome of this much.

S2Killinit1044d ago (Edited 1044d ago )

"insecure" ? how? I'm just saying I called it. and I think hour comment speaks for itself, whether it was intentional or not. You can't blame me can you?

Well, I can't speak for his intention (as he claims it was innocent and I only have his words to go by), but you gotta admit the comment comes off as a bit fishy. Besides, your assessment of 2015 being a "down year" is incorrect if you ask me. Just because they didn't have the Big Sequel names, doesn't make it a down year.

Also if your measurement is based on whats on offer from other consoles, then it would be unfair to call 2015 a down year for PS4. Did they have their biggest franchises? No. But that would mean you don't think any other game deserves consideration in your assessment of what makes a good year for exclusives. BUT this is just my opinion, so I'm not holding you to it. When I look at exclusives I look at all of them, not just the halos and Uncharteds, and not just the ones released during an arbitrary time frame.

OB1Biker1043d ago

'2015 was some what of a down year in the exclusive department for ps4, no secret...'

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BlackTar1871044d ago

lol Corpser that is almost always the case for every console every year. Hard to compete against titles like COD,Sports,BF,StarWars

nice try though gl on your next failed troll attempt

lastking951044d ago (Edited 1044d ago )

It's not surprising, console war warriors like to list exclusives but very few actually sell well and even fewer actually sell consoles. Xbox version wouldn't look much different except Halo and Gears would probably be in instead of UC and 2k. I say this every year and proven right when top 10 are released. Not saying an exclusive doesn't sell a system to someone I'm saying hundreds of thousands to millions of people aren't. Very few are gonna do that.

_-EDMIX-_1043d ago

lolz many might disagree, but numbers don't lie. MOST consoles are not being sold due to exclusives solely.

They do move some units yes, but not the majority as the top sales will show.

FlipSwitch1044d ago

Wow. Uncharted collection up to 3.57 million.

It's sold a lot more than the competing platforms flagship next gen title. Uncharted 4 should sell like crazy

jb2271044d ago

It even outsold MGSV, a brand new installment in a much longer running series.

Hope this is an indicator that UC4 is a runaway hit that sells more than any other game in the series. It ticks all of the boxes, amazing looking first installment on the new gen, coming from the creators of the most well received entry & concluding the series in a big way.

I see a lot of parallels between the huge smash Halo 3 release w/ all of its marketing geared towards "Finishing the Fight"...hopefully Sony leans into that "One Last Time" line from some of the marketing and gets people to come out in support for one of the best franchises in gaming coming from one of the best devs. If UC4 turns out as good as it is looking, it deserves unprecedented sales imo.

FlipSwitch1044d ago

I really hope it does get unprecedented sales. Naughty dog were on fire last gen. I can see U4 being a culmination of everything they have learned up until this point. I expect it will blow us away

1044d ago
DigitalRaptor1043d ago

@ jb227

I can't find the source, but it was reported that Uncharted 3 sold well over 3 million copies on its first day. Uncharted 4 is going to break records for the series without a doubt.

@ animalia

Uncharted - a remastered collection - sold more than the worst selling main entry Halo game ever this gen. Halo 5 was their biggest exclusive this gen, and no game (except maybe Gears of War 4 at a stretch) is going to have the potential to be bigger. Uncharted 4 is going to outsell it without breaking a sweat.

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TomatoDragon1044d ago

Get ready. Xbox One is gonna look the same. :)

_-EDMIX-_1043d ago

Must be new.

Because last gen was any different? MOST sales of consoles are from multi plats, not exclusives.

magiciandude1043d ago

Well to be honest, the PS4 exclusive lineup in 2015 was sparse. Kind of hard to expect anything other than multiplats to burn up the charts.

MasterCornholio1043d ago

The X1 also had a ton of multiplats even with its "greatest exclusive line up of all time".

magiciandude1043d ago

"The X1 also had a ton of multiplats even with its "greatest exclusive line up of all time"."

Well duh? They're multiplats.

MasterCornholio1043d ago

Well yeah even with all those exclusives multiplats like FallOut 4, Call of Duty and BattleFront still sell incredibly well on the system.

So no duh that the best selling games on the X1 are multiplats.

DigitalRaptor1043d ago (Edited 1043d ago )

"PS4 exclusive lineup in 2015 was sparse"

If you're actually being honest (which you're not), then no it wasn't. Nobody would be using that word if it wasn't for Andrew House's statement that you peeps continue to fail to use in context. It had more exclusives than the Xbox One in 2015, and multiplats almost always burn up the charts regardless of exclusive lineups.

magiciandude1043d ago


...Andrew House said the same freaking thing dude. First party lineup for 2015 was sparse. Why else would this list be full of multiplats with the one exclusive being a remaster? The games we were looking forward to weren't there to be bought. The biggest games of 2015 got delayed until the following (this year) and we're waiting for mid and late April for the games. Andrew was very honest about his statement. Can't say the same with you.

DigitalRaptor1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

What I said: "Nobody would be using that word if it wasn't for Andrew House's statement that you peeps continue to fail to use in context".

CONTEXT. Can you not read? Do you even know what sparse means? As I mentioned, you wouldn't even be recalling that word, if House hadn't said it and headlines be made by quoting him out of context, and you clearly enjoy picking up where they left off.

What you said: "PS4 exclusive lineup in 2015 was sparse".

You didn't mention "first party" and there was not even a hint to it being implied in your statement, which is what House was referring to - not overall exclusives, third party or otherwise. What does first-party status have to do with the sales? I fail to see how I am being less honest than you here. You said one thing, A LIE, and backpeddled and danced around to try and justify as is the nature of the disingenuous.

1042d ago
magiciandude1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

"The former assumes few exclusives for the console, period."

Not like there were many third party exclusives in 2015 so my point still stands. ;)

Sparse PS4 exclusive lineup

The Order 1886 - Feb 20
Bloodborne - March 24
Omega Quintet (Third party) - April 28
Godzilla (Third party) - July 14
Until Dawn - August 25
Tearaway Unfolded - September 8
Uncharted Collection (the only game on this article) - October 9

Looks exactly like sparse to me, and I know that word since kindergarten. I came up with this list on top of my head so there are probably a very small number of missing games. Either way, sparse exclusive lineup is sparse... :D

1041d ago
magiciandude1041d ago (Edited 1041d ago )

I said PS4 exclusives, not games also available on PS3 and PSVita. MLB is on PS3 and Vita. How is that a PS4 only game? Exactly.

Many of your other games are digital only titles, which wouldn't be on this sales article even if they sold millions. Adding digital titles is not the point of a VGCharts sales article at all. But thanks for listing them.

Disgaea 5 and Onechanbara are the two games that should be added on the list. God of War III Remastered is 99% the same freaking game as the PS3 version. A port of some old game using the same assets and slapping on Remastered to the title doesn't make it a new game. It's no different from MLB being on other PS platforms.

DigitalRaptor tries his hardest to damage control for Sony and spin things around when facts against Sony are obvious in plain sight. Nature of the disingenuous. :D

1041d ago
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josephayal1044d ago

They're on the edge of glory, i cant wait for SFV

glassgannon9091044d ago (Edited 1044d ago )

holy crap did the internet downplay uncharted collection....after the lukewarm response it got i expected it to fly under the radar just like that...
but just imagine that for a second, even with minimal hype, the damn thing probably outsold a mainline halo released in the same time

trunkswd1044d ago

It was heavily bundled, but I'm sure a ton of people picked it up who didn't own a PS3.

Sparta071044d ago (Edited 1044d ago )

@ trunkswd, " it was heavily bundled "
And!? So was gears collection and halo 5, starwars, call of duty. the point is it sold very well while everyone was saying it didn't do well in sales.

Edit; I don't think they are counting bundled sales. Not sure, anyone know?

2pacalypsenow1044d ago (Edited 1044d ago )

I think almost every Xbox One exclusive has shipped with a console, shouldn't take away from sales though.

Goldby1043d ago

it'll depend if MS recognizes it as a console sale or game sale, and then if they choose to release info on that. unfortunetly with the grey area opf active live xbox users instead of direct sell through sales numbers, they are making it harder for them to show progress and imporvement on a month to month basis

Sparta071044d ago (Edited 1044d ago )

@Glass, That's what I was thinking. If you look at the global charts uncharted is sitting at #12 halo5 is at #16. I would think halo would be alot higher then that but we don't know how much it sold digitally.what's really surprising is tomb raider at #47 and that game was hyped Big time. As far as cull of duty and star wars I expected to sell that much. Grand theft auto will be on that list next year too lol, now that's crazy!

jb2271044d ago

Couldn't count how many times people were gloating about Yoshi outselling Uncharted, and here we are w/ the actual numbers coming in and they are healthy for a remastered collection to say the least. Great news, ND & the UC franchise deserves every bit of success it gets. Truly justified in my eyes.