Fallout Fan Forced To Smash Limited Edition Items To Get Refund

In a state of affairs that will leave gamers everywhere shaking their heads in sad disbelief, Fallout enthusiast Paul Watson has been forced to smash his four limited edition vinyl soundtrack records to collect a refund – even though only one of the items was actually defective.

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NukaCola2002d ago

Rediculous. Also funny Twitter name made from his full name

T1ttyMunch3r2002d ago

I had to do somthing like that once. So i bought a steam iron a couple years ago and it stopped working a week after usage. So i contacted the company and they said they would send another iron via mail but i had to cut the cord of the broken iron and email a picture. before they sent me a new one

SunnyZ2001d ago

Because 3 wires are so hard solder back together...

T1ttyMunch3r2001d ago

Well im not a cheap *** like you. What if some electrical spark happens if i done that And my house burned down? You your brain next time

SunnyZ2001d ago


That's what RCDs are for.

Liqu1d2001d ago

@phuckinyernan "You your brain next time". Maybe you should take your own advice.

kneon2001d ago

You can replace the entire cord, usually no soldering required. Irons are simple devices and are typically pretty easy to fix.

InTheZoneAC2001d ago

most people don't know how...

KwietStorm_BLM2001d ago

You're not really suggesting that any and everybody out there even knows what soldering wires is, let alone is willing to do it?

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sle7enn2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )


SunnyZ2002d ago

It's Vinyl... AKA plastic

If it's warped, put it on a flat plate in the oven at 40-50c for a few minutes.

It will soften and then go flat again...

This guy a moron or something?

Sashamaz2002d ago

That's the kind of self help that voids your warranty.

SunnyZ2001d ago

It was broken anyway, then he was asked to destroy the other disks.

I fail to see how a bit of time in the oven would void the warranty when he was asked to destroy them anyway.

Ovens are good at destroying things. Just ask Hitler

Rayven2001d ago


I don't think practically melting the vinyl will work at all. For one, when you heat something enough for it to deform but not melt, it will most likely end up skewed and uneven, making it useless. If you do melt it though, then what you have after is a disc made of plastic that will make noise when you try to play it. Best solution is to stick with the warranty.

rainslacker2001d ago

Or, a better way that won't actually possibly damage the record, keep it between 2 flat solid surfaces, and put weight on the top until it flattens out. Books do nicely. If it's very warped, do it slowly by adding books over time. It can take a week or three depending on how warped it actually is.

However, if he brought them new, and it arrived damaged, a replacement or full refund should have been provided. They could have simply asked him to send them back on his dollar, or taken a loss on one sale and tried to keep a customer happy.

Ozmoses2002d ago

They couldn't have just sent him a new vinyl copy of the record that was messed up??

Why even get the refund... for example if record #2 out of 4 was the one that didn't work... tell them you want a new record #2 to replace the defective one.

He still would have got his complete soundtrack... and he wouldn't of had to destroy anything.

Vegamyster2001d ago

It's limited edition so they only made so many.

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