Lost Planet Community Launch Party Details Revealed!

Capcom updated The official Lost Planet community site with the following details regarding the community Launch Event.

Be among the first to experience the full retail version of Lost Planet one day before it's released to the public. There will be food and drinks, prizes, a giant Multiplayer Tournament, and even the chance to go toe-to-toe against folks from Capcom®.

Details on where to attend after the jump

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power of Green 5247d ago (Edited 5247d ago )

Dam!, this is my favorite game and i'm good at it. Best online action for the 360, in my opinion(GoW who!).

Pathetic N4G Website5247d ago

.....I think for a website to have any credibility as a news site it should know the difference between ''their'', ''they're'' and ''there''

That article reads more like a GameFAQs post than a worthy news item :\

power of Green 5247d ago

Who cares!, you did understand the news right?. Now pat yourself on the back and have a nice day.

Scrumptious5247d ago

original game exclusive for the 360. Let's see what the PS fanboys have to say about this one.

True Gamer5247d ago

Can't wait to Play this game on my 360!

Pathetic N4G Website5246d ago

....if no-one cares why has it since been edited so it doesn't look like a 5 year old wrote it ?

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