The Division Beta Had 22% Of The Full Game's Map; Dark Zone Is 18% Of The Total Map

According to some map comparisons, The Division beta had 22% of the full map. Also, the Dark Zone comprises 18% of the total playable map.

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odderz3051d ago

Wow Dark Zone seems pretty small, to be honest? I thought the Dark Zone was the best part of the beta. Fighting against people going rogue - and going rogue yourself - was definitely my favourite part.

kaiserfranz3051d ago

I agree but not everyone can handle PvP where you can even lose loot. In fact, I'm surprised an AAA developer actually went through with this mode

Guyfamily9993051d ago

I won't be playing that. I prefer to enjoy my games, not stress out over them. Losing loot puts this game off my map, as does any other game with such a model.

Dark_Crow3051d ago

Maybe they'll change the mode of they see people don't like it.

I think the idea is awesome but maybe there should be a limitation.

Limitation either on the rogue or a limitsion on how much he takes or what he takes

PeaSFor3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

i dont like the pvp aspect of the darkzone, i dont feel like wasting my time getting backstabbed and loosing my stuff(i dont mind it if its in Demons souls or BloodBorne because i only have myself to blame if i fail, but its mainly because of assholes in the DIVISION, it almost felt like playing with GTAV online annoying cunts all over again, and i dont really feel the whole bullet sponge concept if the enemies are simply humans.....with more health/shield, because the last thing i want to do is shoots 4 full clips into a single enemie over and over and over just to realise that there wont be new enemies types, just more humans with more health.. and more assholes waiting to piss peoples off by killing them just when theyre about to extract their stuff.

..that said i will probably buy it and be a lone wolf since i still see a lot of quality in it and i always like loot based games.

WellyUK3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

So many cry babies who can't deal with losing loot or dying lol... No wonder why games are so pathetically easy now. Massive saw how popular Dayz was and wanted to make something easier which is what The division DZ is and PvP is a massive part of the appeal of this game and is the key part which will give it any replay ability.

The Darkzone is the only reason to be interested in this game, it's crap as a SP RPG the alpha and beta proved that as everything outside the DZ was just boring and uninteresting.

The entire map should be the DZ in my opinion which would of been awesome as you would always get different encounters for every mission or quest which would of made the game much better. You make a world that is supposed to be brutal and unforgiving yet it feels nothing like it outside of the DZ. Kind of disappointing as The Division was a risk worth taking to make Multiplayer survival sandbox games a thing on consoles. But they went down the easy path and made an RPG...

PeaSFor3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

"No wonder why games are so pathetically easy now"

a game can be hard without being annoying due to assholes, btw why so hostile?

sorry but annoying assholes ≠ hard game.

bcrazy183051d ago

@WellyUK, one of the 3 expansions in the season pass turns the entire map into the Dark Zone from what I've heard.

yezz3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )


Laying the complete map as darkzone would be an incredibly stupid move. Huge amount of players would completely lose the interest to this game.. Maybe it could be a different mode where the whole map would be the Darkzone and you could get better gear etc. but no way it should be forced!

This has nothing to do with difficulty. I personally don't want to get my relaxing gaming night ruined by some asshole who will kill everybody "just because"..

Alexander1Nevermind3051d ago

@ Guyfamily999

Gotta admit the 1st time I got ganked in the DZ I was pretty pissed/hurt/butt****'ed. I adjusted my play style and learned to stay out of site the best I could when running solo. I also learned to not be the last to attach loot to the chopper.....One of my favorite moments in the game was when I lost two blues and I went back in looking for the culprits, they were engaged in a fierce battle and I was able to deal the final blow on two of the 3 and get all my loot back and some of theirs.

Pongwater3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

@Welly - "The Darkzone is the only reason to be interested in this game, it's crap as a SP RPG the alpha and beta proved that"

In your opinion.

A lot of streamers and videos have said otherwise. I was on the fence about this game for that very reason until I watched enough to prove playing solo is perfectly viable and fun. Having the entire map be Dark Zone would be a horrible idea. I just watched a vid on YT where a group was camping the entrance to the DZ, killing all who entered before they even had a chance to get any loot. You think that would be good for the game? Think again.

wsoutlaw873051d ago

Wellyuk is right, the original pvp they talked about was a situation where you could run into someone else at any time and they could be friend or enemy. It sounded almost dark souls like. Instead because some people are scared of online games they turned it into an area mode that is just dumb. They talked about this being an mmo, but with these changes its just a coop rpg with bad ai and gun play that is a let down to the tom clancy games, and also has a mp free roam mode. The dark zones will get old and exploited real quick

WellyUK3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

seems to me that the people interested in this game now shouldn't of been interested in the first place... They pretty much showed it as being a survival MMO with the whole map being the DZ and the potential for player encounters any where on the map. Sadly they had to cater to the vocal people who wanted it to a be a SP RPG rather than letting them take a risk and shake up gaming and make something NEW especially on consoles. Instead we are left with a game just like destiny that doesn't really know what it is and doesn't excel in any area.

PeaSFor3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )


sorry but your opinion isnt worthy to see after reading this.

WellyUK: "DayZ mod is better than everything you can play on consoles..."

so yeah, youre going directly on my ignore list, have a nice day.

Sevir3051d ago

That's the dynamic of darkzone... risk reward of surviving a balls to walls every man for himself section of the game which forces players to weigh your options and evaluate risks, plot your escape and so on... Dark Zone isn't for noobs, group up with your closest friends and stick together... that's the main focus of the game... The Division, go solo and you will surely not survive.

I love that about the game and I certainly plan on getting it. No need to change the mode, but balance the weapons more so people enjoy the weapon they carry when they take on missions or fight off a high level rogue with tons of HP

thekhurg3051d ago

Not that big of a deal. People that don't want to deal with it still have access to every piece of high level stuff in the game. Just at a slower pace without any risk of loss.

Pongwater3051d ago

"They pretty much showed it as being a survival MMO with the whole map being the DZ and the potential for player encounters any where on the map."

No, they pretty much didn't. They showed a section of the map with both NPCs and real players as enemies. In other words, they showed the Dark Zone.

UKmilitia3051d ago

to be fair it didnt happen much with me,infact at times when someone did try it we chased them down and kept getting them.
im not saying it didnt happen but it was certainly fun wondering if someone was going to turn lol.

plus its not like it isnt hard to get the stuff again.

PeaSFor3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

could be nice to see UBI implement some kind of overall rogue stats, the more you go rogue, the more peoples get WAY MORE credit for killing you(unlike the weak incentive that we saw in the beta), so to resume, the target on your head get bigger each times you act like an ass and all the non-hostile agents will have a good incentive to ALWAYS hunt you down non-stop, and it should be a permanent thing so the stats cant reset and it would force you to assume your gameplay style.

Silver_ShadoWolf3051d ago

A bold move for gamers who like a more realistic approach.

ShadowKing-3050d ago

they should make a toggle pvp option, for people who want to kill and grief they can toggle pvp with a 20 min cooldown, so its not instant on and off, this way everyone has the option to just enjoy what darkzone has to offer.

now of course you run into the issue of joining the match with everyone being non-killable butt maybe if you enter the darkzone with pvp on,you will join with pvp on enabled players.

im not sure what they can do, but something like this would be nice to see

Ceaser98573613050d ago

A player going rouge constantly should receive a high bounty on his head.. If he can survive for 30mins or so the reward would be his or whoever kills him. The bounty wont be removed even if he goes offline or gets out DZ.. Ubi can implement this strategy ...

Clown_Syndr0me3050d ago

Only thing that made the beta interesting. I think the novelty will wear off quick though.

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dms52233051d ago

It's really not that scary of a thing. You only lose what's in your "contaminated bag" and you don't lose anything you have equipped or in your backpack.

I'm glad massive had the balls to implement it. Yeah it will suck sometime in the future when I know I'll lose something good/rare. But if I'm quick I might be able to respawn and get that person back. Not to mention my teammates can guard my gear for me (did this numerous times in the beta).

xPhearR3dx3051d ago

Pretty much this. I can understand if you don't really play online because I've noticed if your by yourself or just with one other people, 3 to 4 player groups tend to muscle those guys since it's damn near a guaranteed win.

PVP will ALWAYS have it's frustrating moments, but when your in a group of 4, people tend to think twice before attacking you (even other 4 player groups), but even when you do get attacked and lose your stuff. The frustration somewhat goes away due to the fun of a 4v4 fight. You win some and you lose some, but I can easily see how people could get discouraged when being ganged up on or constantly being shot in the back.

You can always log out and log back in to find a different instance that's hopefully not full of too many dickish people.

AngelicIceDiamond3051d ago

I was about to say just play with some trustworthy friends. In these sorta games you need teammates that'll have your back.

wsoutlaw873051d ago

I thought the dz was a huge disappointment. The rouge system was very arcady and silly. It there is a lot of exploits too. I liked how they were planing pvp before everyone wanted a sp only option.

rdgneoz33051d ago

The only "exploit" or bug they had in the beta was if you ran out of the beta part of the dark zone you got ported to a safe house. There won't be boundaries like that in the retail, as you'll just run into harder level mobs.

Imp0ssibl33051d ago

How is it arcade and silly? Explain...

wsoutlaw873050d ago

There are plenty of exploits, glitches, and other crap people we're doing. They have seriously been listed every so i am not going to make you the list. The dz had a ton of issues like invisible players, camping the entrances, wonding people just enough that you don't go rouge but they shoot you.

How is the rouge system not arcady? A timer that puts an emblem over your head for killing someone but then goes away when the time is up. The whole dark zone system is flawed and is just going to lead to it being completely empty except for gankers and trolls with in weeks. It just isn't balanced right or well thought out. The gunplay isn't good enough for good pvp.