Phoenix Games reviews NCAA Football 09 for Wii

"With about two minutes left, my Clemson Tigers were losing to the Georgia Bulldogs. It had been a tough battle, with multiple lead changes, a number of turnovers and a variety of thrilling plays. I was sweating, as it had been months since I'd found myself trailing in any video game football match this late in regulation. But my mother was smiling, even laughing. She was heading the Georgia Bulldogs and though she never played a game of football in her life, she had her 24-year-old son on the ropes.

Playing NCAA Football 09 for the Nintendo Wii was the first time I'd gone up against my own mother in competitive gaming. I decided to take this route after attempting to play the game on my own and explore its All-Play controls, which are aimed at allowing anyone of any skill level or age to pick up and play."

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