GTA V will "still be making £170m-a-year into 2020" - Michael Pachter

Gaming analyst Michael Pachter believes Take-Two could be making £170m-a-year for for several more years.

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ArchangelMike2000d ago

That is actually mind blowing for a game that has been out for 2 years already. The other thing that is mind blowing is that for the last 2 years it's consistently been in the all formats top 10 charts.

YinYangGaming2000d ago

Man oh man I'm still hoping we'll get GTA 6 by 2020 but damn GTA V has shown major legs

Rob Hornecker1999d ago

Could this mean that more dlc and paid +for expansions are in the works?

angelsx1999d ago

I finish the story two times and i didn't touch the online at all coz I don't like it.If there's single player dlc i will buy it if not I'm gonna wait for gta6

ABBAJESUS1999d ago

You don't have to be scientist to see that GTA 6 will be released before 2019. Pachter lies once again.

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