Final Fantasy XV Getting Multiple Gallery Features;Japanese Official Forums Closing, Dev Blog Coming

Square Enix posted more information on Final Fantasy XV on the official forums, by way of UI Planner Takahiro Noda, while the official forums for Japan are closing, getting replaced by an oficial blog.

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DarkOcelet2002d ago

"Prompto will also take pictures of the group’s trip, and you will be able to peruse them in the gallery."

Hopefully that doesn't mean i cant take a picture anywhere. I want a picture with Noct and the crew kicking that big Tortoise butt.

Abriael2002d ago

From how it's worded, it seems that Prompto will take pictures on his own, basically.

DarkOcelet2002d ago

While this would actually be a cool feature that makes the game feels more realistic.

I still think there should be a way that we can take pictures ourselves at any given time.

Like a Photo mode.

-Foxtrot2002d ago

He might take a few shots for his Bro app profile 😆

Adrian_v012002d ago

Judging from his type, you'll open up the gallery and all you see is selfies of him :p

Taislin2002d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is a separate thing altogether from the regular photo mode. I think it was confirmed somewhere that every party member will have a "hobbie" of sorts it seems, in order to ground them more and make them interact with each other. Gladio will be a sparing partner/technique teacher, Ignis is like the cook/glossary, and Prompto likes to take pictures.

DarkOcelet2001d ago

Yeah, you are right but i am not sure Photo mode was confirmed though.

cash_longfellow2001d ago

Share button on the ps4 controller?

ErebosTenebris1994d ago

If you are on ps4 you can always just hit the share button and take a screenshot. Don't know if the xbone has a feature like that or not.

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