Too Human trilogy 'very exciting', says Microsoft

MCV: Microsoft has confirmed that it is committed to releasing a trilogy of Too Human games – and compared the narrative pull of the story to Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings.

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HighDefinition3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

That`s not what most of the reviews say......

Who knows there might be a crowd for it, that would support a trilogy.

MSFT **needs** some SOLID NEW PROJECTS, IMO anyway.

Bubble Buddy3738d ago

"...and compared the narrative pull of the story to Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings."

Are you kidding me... Too Human's story CAN'T even come close to matching its story with SW or LOTR.

kindi_boy3738d ago

why the hell are they shifting the concentration of what we have now to what we might have in the future... the game floped bad...too flop

Winter47th3738d ago

Then your perception of 'exciting' is flawed.

Kaneda3738d ago

Well, hopefully Fable 2 is good.. if not GoW 2 is the game that will save Xbox this holidays?

gaffyh3738d ago

Stupid Microsoft, I don't want a trilogy coming out of a game that is more than likely going to suck going on reviews. Spend your money on other developers and other games.

Too bad some 360 owners (POG) will buy this game just because it is exclusive (like the people that bought Haze lol). MS needs to get there act together and start spending there money on new IPs that I would want to buy, not STUPID Lips, or you're in the movies. GeOW2 is the only game worth buying for 360 this year (and maybe Fallout 3)

chaosatom3333738d ago

it doesn't makes sense to make a trilogy.

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PirateThom3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

The difference here is obvious, while two had big budgets and were good and well loved, one has a big budget and isn't.

m-s-8-23738d ago

It's even worse. One is a not too well received video game, while one of the others is considered the world over to be a literary masterpiece and has probably sold more copies than the bible.

thereapersson3738d ago

I have no ill-will wished upon Too Human (it's got enough problems of its own already), but this is just ridiculous. Then again, it makes sense that they would say something like this considering they're the ones that hold the publishing rights to this IP.

Omega43738d ago

Well at least the negative reviews will give Too Human 2 some idea of what it needs to be great. Who know it could have the turnaround of the century. Lots of games go from being good to having bad sequels, it can always work the other way round.

HighDefinition3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )


Uphill- Guerilla Games/Media Molecule

Downhill- Bungie/Silicon Knights/Free Radical

IMO. anyway.

morganfell3738d ago

Beep beep beep beep Activate Galactic Damage Control. Institute plasma powered bullcrap mechanism. Deceptive thrusters to full power. Concentrate on press areas with Lie Factor 7 device.

JoySticksFTW3738d ago

Too Human is coming for your literary crown.

Actually, all kidding aside... Too Human could probably take Lucas' crown though. Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones sucked

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