Vanishing Point Burns Rubber in Cars, Trucks and SUVs on Playstation – Today in History

Carl Williams writes, "Racing games are a staple of gaming. We saw them in the early days on the Atari 2600 in Night Driver. We saw them propel forward in the 8-Bit days with Rad Racer on NES. 16-Bit gave us great titles like Outrun and Super Hang-On while 32-Bit heralded in the age of the “Racer” series by Namco (Ridge, Rage, R4). Later on in the life of the Playstation Acclaim decided to get in on the racing genre with Vanishing Point (also available on Dreamcast). While generally the Dreamcast version is accepted as the better version the Playstation version still brings a ton of cars to the fans. It just doesn’t look as good as Sega’s last console."

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