Nintendojo Preview: Ninjatown

Nintendojo reports:

''Gameplay in Ninjatown takes its cue from real-time-strategy games like Command & Conquer or StarCraft. Just like those popular titles, players will run through a bevy of missions that require them to build up an army and destroy the opposing forces, but Ninjatown will largely put you on the defensive, as old man Master Ninja's titular village is under the constant threat of attack from the supernatural forces of Mr. Demon. Resource management has been simplified a great deal in this game, as players will earn points for new units and buildings by simply offing enemy units.

As the leader of these ninja corps, players will be charged with the building and development of the dojos and hut houses that will train your elite army of Wee Ninjas in the ways of keeping Ninjatown from being obliterated. Plots of land that are available to be built upon are clearly marked on screen. Like any good strategy game, where you place your buildings will play a large part in how effective your defense plays out, as traveling distance and unit creation time will help determine the fate of Master Ninja's village.

The forces gamers will command in this title are all of the ninja variety, but each type of unit will have its own strength and weakness. The standard Wee Ninja, clad in all black, is an effective short range melee warrior, but obviously he must be close to his target in order to be of any use. Anti-Ninjas plod a bit more than the average Wee Ninja, but pack a bit more punch in close quarters. Long-range ninjas are also available, making use of slingshots to pelt their foes from afar. For a price, every type of ninja can have his stats upgraded at the dojo he is trained at, though upgrades, it appears, will only last for one mission and must be reacquired in every new level.''

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