N-Europe Review: Guitar Hero On Tour

N-Europe reports:

''When you have a highly successful franchise like Guitar Hero and a money printing handheld like the DS it would probably be a safe bet to assume that Activision shareholders were among the first to wonder if the axe shredding phenomenon could be downsized for Nintendo's touch screen wonder. But when the main selling point for a game is that you play it with a guitar shaped controller providing the illusion of actually playing a guitar, how can you emulate this on a handheld and still keep it "portable". Solving this issue we are presented with the "Guitar Grip", a piece of hardware that connects to the DS via the Gameboy Advance slot and contains the familiar guitar fret buttons (lacking one button for a total of 4 rather than the regular 5). Word of advice; try finding a comfortable playing position first, like sitting down and resting the hardware on your lap or table, trying to hold the DS in the air will tire out your arm pretty quickly. The Grip can also fit into an old DS "Phat" with help from an included adaptor.

A few problems with the Grip however. It does seem to slide out of the GBA slot, especially during Hard and Expert modes when things really start to pick up. If it comes out too far it will freeze the game and you will have to turn the DS off and on again to continue playing. Now while this has only happened to me once, I have noticed the Grip sliding out slightly every time I play but thankfully just short of the point of freezing the game. You will also certainly encounter an issue with hand cramping, how long this takes to take effect will depend on you position as you play so once again find a comfortable one. Also try taking your hand out of the strap every two songs to give it a small rest before moving on.''

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