Sony's PS3: High-Scorer No More

Wall Street's Take on Sony and the PS3.

"After more than a decade at the top of the video game heap, during which it sold more than 200 million consoles, Sony (SNE - news - Cramer's Take - Rating) is set to be knocked off its firm position as King of the Hill because of its flawed PlayStation 3 strategy. This is only one of many reasons to avoid shares of the consumer-electronics conglomerate, but it's certainly the most important..."

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Juevani5254d ago

How much did they pay you to say that??

OutLaw5254d ago

I have the PS3 aswell but it's obvious that Sony took a big risk with the Blu Ray technology. Only time will tell if it is a mistake or a success.

Sphinx5254d ago

You should use your bubble more wisely.

Syko5254d ago

For another bubble? Cause I have a bundle of 2 bubbles and a 60gig PS3 for the craptacular price of $399 buy it now JR!!

videl5254d ago

i guess much. can ppl stop to post such bs. we are here for gaming, and for such idiotism.

THAMMER15254d ago

The fact is the PS3 is not as attractive to real people as it is to the blind Sony Zombies. Untill you relize that there is a world with or with out PS3 you will feel better about people not agreeing with you.

This is an poular site to investers and common people alone. do you know the effect this will have on a person who is not a Sony fan boy? I think you do know the effect's an article like this one will have that why your claiming the author was paied. Sucks to be a die hard Sony fan some times dose it not.

power of Green 5254d ago

PS2 got real cheap so the walmart bulk of the industry eat the PS2 up, the single mother of 4 or 5 that buy games to calm down loud kids isn't going to buy a $600 console ect. ect.