Gameplanet Review: Guitar Hero Aerosmith

GP reports:

''First of all, unless you're a fan of big-mouthed Steve Tyler and the rest of his crew, you're probably not going to get much out of this title. There are a total of five songs per tier, three of which are Aerosmith originals, along with a bonus vault consisting of another eleven or so titles performed by, you guessed it, Aerosmith. Just for a bit of variety, there are also some Aerosmith covers thrown in for good luck. I appreciate that some people at this point may be unsure as to where the focus of this game lies, so just to reiterate, it's Aerosmith.

All the playable characters are lifted from Guitar Hero III, along with the majority of the background animation sequences. There are a few of these that are specific to the band, as motion-capture was employed to track the warbling Boston rockers as they wobbled their way around the set, and you'll even be treated to video footage presented as cut-scenes between tiers as you progress.''

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