The Division - E3 2013/2014 Demos Versus Closed Beta Build Comparison Video

DSOGaming writes: "A lot of gamers have been wondering whether The Division has been downgraded. And while we did provide some comparison screenshots a couple of days ago, we were unable to talk about some stuff that needed to be showcased via a video. Well, thankfully YouTube’s ‘Candyland’ has released a comparison video between the game’s closed beta build and its E3 2013/2014 demos."

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BiggCMan2002d ago

Game looks wonderful today. Texture quality itself is not as crazy good looking as the original footage, but it still looks wonderful.

I am happy to see that all of the features are still in place though, such as the lighting and the destruction physics for the most part. I played the beta for 30 freaking hours last weekend and the graphics were just a thought in the back of my head. It was absolute fun and that's all I wanted.

I love that it is a full scale, 1 to 1 replica of Manhattan which is my favorite place. It won't be the whole burrow, which is fine. But the midtown area they have created is simply stunning in both size and graphical fidelity.

Great video, hopefully convinces some people that it's not that bad. Graphics are not everything people :) I love good graphics myself, and this game looks great. It's not looking like a PS1 game ok!

razorpakk2002d ago

I love the game but I found the physics lacking.
Literally, if you shoot at the bin bags (and the streets are full of them) nothing happens.

kraenk122002d ago

Game still looks great. They changed the colour grading quite a lot though...thankfully there are things like SweetFX on PC to take care of that.

GreenUp2002d ago


Let's see how many disagrees this gets. You can see the casuals between the gamers. :)

Whirlwind_Fanfare_082001d ago

Both gameplay and graphics was great! didn't have a problem with the controls, plus it ran smooth and still looked awesome!
Can't wait to play the full version of it.

OB1Biker2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

You got to admit Ubi themselves went all out about graphics with their marketing and rightfully deserve a close look at what they deliver.
For that matter there's nothing wrong in wanting it all. You can type 'Gameplay>Grahpics' in all articles about the graphics if you like but I always downvote people who call out gamers in advance 'if they disagree' :)

GreenUp2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )


Chaosdreams2002d ago

If the gameplay holds up then the graphics will become a background concern. However graphics do impact immersion, there's no denying it. But the downgrade is also concerning the amount of assets present within the game. There's less detail, less debris, less cars. Is it a game breaker? No. But it might've helped them if they didn't show the amazing initial reveal (which we keep being told by fellow gamers that it should not be taken to heart). My answer to that is always, "then they shouldn't advertise it." It's filthy marketing, and I'll never respect it.

The fact is that yes, it was downgraded. Some will claim that most games that are shown are downgraded by the time of release. Others will shake their heads and remark that only a few studios have a tendency of showcasing something that can never be reached. There's always something that doesn't make it to the end of development, that is the business. But Ubisoft sort of stretches that line.

Ubisoft has sort of taken the crown lately. Watchdogs, Rainbow Six: Siege, and now the Division. If one compares what was originally showcased to the final product, in all instances you can see the difference, and for a lot of gamers, graphics is what they notice first, and is therefore what they always point out and claim is "the downgrade." But the downgrade usually applies to more than just graphics.

I think the Division will be a decent game, but for that to happen it needs to have great gameplay and a good variety in things to do. Story, is also important. This game isn't a 10/10 in pushing the boundaries of graphics, so it's not going to be what I give it credit for. But I think if it has a nice launch, and has value, then it'll be okay.

It's got snow right?

mysteryraz112001d ago

not that big of a difference