'Future' Games

An attempt from some magazine a few decades ago predicting what games would be like today. And they did surprisingly well...

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specialguest5245d ago

they actually predicted a near accurate vision of future video gaming. the illustration was pretty funny though, because they had early 80s style electronics.

im pretty sure that if we attempted to do the same for our "20yrs in the future from now", it would be just like this too.

Syko5245d ago

Looks to me like they predicted Xbox Live, "Which will transmit your moves and recieve those of your opponent with VERY LITTLE TIME DELAY" Come on Sony your "Playing Beyond" this little feature. 20yrs. ago I could see not believing this, But MS clearly showed you the future again 4 years ago.

Scythesean5245d ago

My god must you? Do you have to try and start a Flame war about consoles? I mean this has nothing to do with either sony or MS so why? Why must you be the A$$ at the party that has to start sh*t?

First the PS3 and 360 and Wii and PC all do gaming so why do you have to poke fun at one? Why not the Wii it was having all kinds of trouble with their online? Quit being an Immature brat and just shut up. Grow up a little bit and come back here when you have.

Anyway this seem cool that they got things so close to what we already have, makes you wonder if we will have that jet pack one day or the teleporters. I still want my own personal Holo-deck.

Harry5245d ago

He probably has an iferiority complex meaning that he must constantly 'prove' that his console is the best.

He cant just go an enjoy it, which must tell you something.

ChickeyCantor5244d ago (Edited 5244d ago )

"Looks to me like they predicted Xbox Live"
xboxlive wasnt the first........

"Why not the Wii it was having all kinds of trouble with their online?"
do i smell a rage against nintendo XD?

Sphinx5245d ago

I think some of it is pretty funny, too. But, for the most part, they were spot on.

Pathetic N4G Website5245d ago

Good to see Benny Green from Grange Hill immortalised in print. Didn't know he was a gamer back then, I thought Football was his passion ;)

Captain Tuttle5245d ago

I grew up reading "Popular Science" and all that stuff.