Gameplanet Preview: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

GP reports:

''I'll assume that you're familiar with the RTS genre, and somewhat familiar with Red Alert and the Command and Conquer series. Red Alert 3 is the latest in the ongoing saga between the Russians and Allies. However this time around there is also a new party in the mix, a Japanese faction called the Rising Sun. I was half expecting anime and tentacle nookie but it appears the new faction is pretty much a mech and tech bunch. As this beta is multiplayer only, there isn't a lot of background on the Japanese faction or how they will fit into the story, other than that they are likely to be unlockable after playing the Russian and Allied campaign.

In terms of gameplay, regulars of the Red Alert series and its sibling series C&C won't find that much has changed. Typical RTS fans will find nothing that hasn't been done before, either, whether by other developers' games, or within these franchises themselves. There are a few minor gameplay tweaks, such as the addition of water structures and amphibious units, and changes to the way tech advances for some factions. That's about the extent of it though. You build a base, build some units, run out of money, then power, then money, then the other player somehow has twelve tanks at your doorstep. It's definitely fun, but perhaps I have been spoiled by Supreme Commander, Empire Earth II and Rise of Nations. By comparison to these games the Tech advancement and number of units in Red Alert 3 seems rather small.''

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