Hitman: Blood Money Review

Hitman: Blood Money continues this tradition but allows you to not only mask your appearance, but that of your kills as well.

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Jollyk2006d ago

Classic, hope the new one lives up to reputation.

brando0082006d ago

My housemate just played this game for 12 hours straight, start to finish :)

L1p3d4t3n42006d ago

By far the best in the series

ServerBOT2006d ago

Just replayed this game again since it first came out, man games really do hold your hand these days.

Just the first level alone, i can't believe i got stuck 3 times not knowing what to do, had to actually use my brain lol.

Forgot how fun it was also, so many options to do things.

SlightlyRetarted2005d ago

I love how they just drop you in and slap your ass while yelling "have fun!".
I loved searching and experimenting levels in older Hitman games. How do i get past this point of game without alerting anyone? How can i kill the target making it look like an accident? How can i escape without any heat? It's like a puzzle game. When you've figured out everything by trial and error, you perform that smooth run from start to finish. So rewarding.

2006d ago
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