Does the Decline of 'Destiny' Spell Doom for 'No Man's Sky'?

Bungie recently email-lapsed Destiny players to ask why they haven’t logged in recently, in a move that felt like a text to an ex: What happened? Where did we go wrong? As gamers sign off from Destiny and World of Warcraft in favor of quicker jolts in mobile games and MOBAs, could the waning popularity of the long-experience game signal an early doom for No Man’s Sky?

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Kaneki-Ken2001d ago

Nope, the two games different type of genre.

PeaSFor2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

theres no correlation between NMS and destiny other than they both include spaceships, the author of this blog is clearly out of touch with reality and even struggle to make a glimpse of a point.

Story quality? --> WTF?
Like this website? --> No

MrDead2000d ago

N4G should make their approvers give reasons for approving articles like they have to for failing them. If they did 99% of these useless opinion pieces could be eradicated and we wouldn’t have to sift through monumental amounts of crud to find some gaming news.

I didn’t learn anything from this article apart from if you put doubt about an anticipated game in your title you get some cheap hits.

AngelicIceDiamond2000d ago

What does Destiny have to do with No Mans.... Story Quality WTF indeed...

Ron_Danger2000d ago

In other news...

Does the upcoming Super Bowl spell Doom for the auto industry?

Looks like I've got a bright future at!

freshslicepizza2000d ago

will no mans sky require you to be connected to get the full enjoyment of the game? maybe that's the connection other than that i don't see one.

there sure seems to be a lot of destiny talk recently.

creeping judas2000d ago

@MrDead, it seems most contributors by passed the approval of this flamebait article, as it was only approved with 3 approvals. Which means it sat there for a very long time. So I can only assume it was friends of the article writer who approved the article.

And as everyone else has said, the two games have nothing to do with each other, and are in fact polar opposites of each other, only having space, planets and spaceships as a common denominator.

nveenio1999d ago

Destiny just made me want No Man's Sky even more.

SatanicEyeJesus1999d ago

Agreed lets try to filter a little of what is being presented here.

Story quality? --> WTF?
Like this website? --> No

Griever1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Why does it looks like that a certain group actually wants No Man's Sky to flop? We frequently get articles about how the game might be a disappointment or underwhelming or a massive flop. This is reaching somewhat the hate level of Order 1886. Everybody wanted that game to flop so bad and now similar treatment is being given to No Man's Sky.

freshslicepizza1999d ago

"Why does it looks like that a certain group actually wants No Man's Sky to flop?"

what group are you talking about that the author is a member of?

"We frequently get articles about how the game might be a disappointment or underwhelming or a massive flop."

probably because there has been so much hype with little information in regards to what you actually do in the game. is most of the hype surrounded by the fact it's such a large scale game that people imagine exploring for years with no two planets the same while they ignore that it might actually be boring?

"This is reaching somewhat the hate level of Order 1886. Everybody wanted that game to flop so bad and now similar treatment is being given to No Man's Sky"

the order flopped because it was a game hyped mainly by graphics to showcase the power of the ps4 and nothing more. a game hindered by such extreme linear fashion with a bunch of qte and cutscense that slowed the immersion of actually playing a game. or are you going to blame all those average reviews on them belonging to a certain group too?

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IamTylerDurden12000d ago

There is no parallel, and Destiny is doing just fine.

NMS is entirely different.

_-EDMIX-_1999d ago

Agreed. My condolences to the author.

awi59511999d ago

Bungie never listen to its customers with halo so it doesnt surprise me. We asked for the Halo one pistol and grenades back for years and they would only give it back halfassed and nerfed so it would be useless.

Jonin7Spartan1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

" Destiny is doing just fine." Have you seen the Forums lately (you know, Bungie forums). What you said in an outright LIE.
- I agree that NMS is completely different from Destiny.

@Awi5951 - have you not played Reach, the Pistol is great in that, everything is balanced. Also pistols in Destiny were also OP for quite awhile.

3-4-52000d ago

Worst title ever.

That is like saying " People really like hamburgers, .....this the end of the hotdog."

or " People really watched a lot of NFL this year, does this mean the MLB,NBA, NHL & Premier league are doomed? "

Who are these lousy writers ?

Have they no skill ?

ShottyatLaw1999d ago

It's a terrible title, but the proposition in the article is interesting enough.

The author's comparison between NMS and Destiny (as well as MMOs like WoW) seems to be that both belong to this broad genre of slow-burn, long-term investment titles. The "full" experience of these games is not your typical 10-15 hour linear adventure, nor is it indicative of an arguable market shift to quick-and-dirty mobile gaming.

The author's general premise is mainly based on the shrinking player bases for WoW and Destiny. Does this mean that there won't be an audience for a title like NMS, which has an appeal based so strongly on slowly enjoying a longer, more casual adventure?

Personally, I do not think so. Maybe I'm optimistic, but I don't think the audience that enjoys this type of experience has gone anywhere. WoW grew stale. Destiny failed to deliver the correct amount of content to keep players retained.

Gamers move on when the products fail to deliver what they seek. To me, it's not so much that players want entirely new game types, but simply want a game within that genre to deliver for them (even if the genre is a very broad one like the author is trying to identify here).

I gave up on Destiny already (and many MMOs in the past), but I can't wait to dig into NMS. It's still at the top of my 2016 list. If it doesn't deliver, I won't suddenly stop enjoying that type of experience; I will simply look for another game that delivers it.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1999d ago

A much better comparison would be between Destiny and The Division.

CorndogBurglar1999d ago

The big differenc is that the NMS dvs have said you will be start anywhere from 40 - a couple hundred of hours away from the center of the universe, which is the big mystery of the game....what is there?

Assuming you do only the bare minimum needed to continue upgrading your ship enough to make it there, that is how long it could take, but realistically it will take people longer.

People played Destiny for about a year and a half straight and millions of people have put well over 500 hours into it. If that is any indicator then NMS will be fine. The big question is "Can NMS keep people's attention as long as Destiny did." For me the answer is however long it takes before all the planets and life-forms start looking alike, or repeating certain characteristics.

vikingland11999d ago

@ Shottyatlaw

Author should've changed headline to something else though. I get the premise of the aricle but the headline doesn't convey it well.

ShottyatLaw1999d ago

@ Zero, Corndog, & Viking

100% agree with each of your points.

It's frustrating that clickbait titles ruin any chance we have to actually discuss games and the industry in interesting ways.

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FITgamer1999d ago

This articled should of been failed as soon as the mods read the title. What a joke.

rainslacker1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Obviously it spells the doom of other games though. Like WOW, Paragon, whatever other MMO type game there is out there./s

What a stupid question this article asks. Might as well ask if Destiny's decline spells doom for Super Mario Kart.

All online games have slumps, and there is nothing to say that it won't pick back up again if Bungie listens to it's fan base, and makes a compelling game.

If NMS fails, then it will be on it's own accord, not because a 2 year old game is on the decline. NMS isn't even comparable to destiny as an MMO. It's more a SP game with an online component. I mean, would something like Bloodborne be doomed because of Destiny's decline?

C-H-E-F1999d ago

I thought Destiny was in decline since release? this isn't news hmph. and this is like me comparing the decline in nba live to the potential success of 2k

OhMyGandhi1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

At first, I agreed with you.
I was like, "No Man's Sky" has nothing to do with Destiny. And then I read the article.

The author states what everyone here has stated, further down the page:

"While there are major fundamental differences between No Man’s Sky and MMOs, they share evergreen engagement and long-term investment in their respective appeals to players."

He continues to mention that there are vast differences between the two games. What the author (I believe) was getting at, was the idea of going against the grain in favor of pure ambition, and what happens to those who don't listen to feedback from the first say of preproduction to a full release.

I really enjoyed the article. I really wish people read past the N4G heading, and actually bothered to read it.

Pogmathoin1999d ago

Ridiculous article.... Crying out for NMS...

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Neonridr2001d ago

well I don't know how it can spell doom for a game that hasn't been released yet. If No Man's Sky provides enough content and reason to continue playing, then it will do fine.

It is exactly the limited content that is starting to cause Destiny fans to shift away to other games.

So to answer the question, if No Man's Sky is structured in the same model as Destiny, which would be quite a feat since they are completely different games, then sure, that would be bad news for No Man's Sky. But since it is a different kind of game with different mechanics, all I can say is that we will have to wait to try the game to see if there is enough there to sustain itself.

IamTylerDurden12000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Destiny sold 20m copies, it's not an mmo service player count is bound to drop. Between all the dlc, TTK, SRL, events, Crucible, and main game Destiny has plenty of content. It could use more planets and story, but most avid Destiny players have logged hundreds of hours. It's like BL2 in a sense.

How long are people supposed to play Destiny? There are other games as well. Millions of people hold their Guardians near and dear and aren't willing to give up on them. The next iteration of Destiny will sell just fine.

Neonridr2000d ago

Destiny has become a snore fest. This coming from someone who has logged hundreds of hours, was there from the Alpha, and has 3 characters that are all 319 light level. There is no regular content outside of the raid that gives me any sort of value or reason to actually do it. All the drops are pointless, they haven't updated the old content to higher levels - why not give us a 300 light level Vault of Glass or Crota's End?.

I am not saying I didn't get value from it, but if this sort of piecemeal content is the norm for Destiny 2 or whatever, then count me out this time.

rainslacker1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Even unlimited content can get boring to players. Gamers often seek out new stuff, even if they're dedicated to progressing in an online MMO. If an MMO has a lot of content, they take longer to get bored, but eventually they will. Same will happen for NMS eventually, and how long that takes depends on how compelling and varied the content is. Sure it sounds great to explore and find new things, but even if that was infinite, people would just grow tired of it.

It's not really the amount of content, it's about the lack of new experiences. Games often become samey after a while. WOW keeps itself alive by mixing it up from time to time...for better or worse, and it has a vast lore that gets people interested. Bungie itself would do well to explore the aspect of lore more deeply, since I understand it has a good one...because you get people to care about that, and the characters behind it, and somehow make them a part of that lore, and you have a recipe to retain players. All they have to do is look at WOW. People flock to it because people are interested in how it progresses. In Destiny, you are just not part of all that to the same degree, and the content is limited. WOW isn't perfect by any means, but there's a reason it's the most popular MMO, there's a reason that it's been around so long, and there's a reason that people often seem to keep coming back to it.

IamTylerDurden11998d ago

WoW is a subscription based pc mmo, Destiny is an mmo-like console FPS. You buy WoW and then pay $15 per month to continue playing it, they damn well better add new content for over $150/yr in subscription fees alone. Destiny is a game, not a subscription. After a year and a half people are bound to get jaded, but if you got hundreds of hours of enjoyment out of it i'd say you got your moneys worth.

If people get even 60 hours of enjoyment out of NMS before they become jaded, i'd say they got their moneys worth as well. Non subscription based games aren't expected to hold your attention forever.

rainslacker1998d ago

No doubt. I didn't mean to insinuate otherwise. I was just saying that eventually, people seek out new things.

As far as Destiny though, they had a ten year content plan for it. While it's not sub based, there are expansion packs.

Eonjay2000d ago

You know... like if I have chicken for dinner, you might burn you toast in the morning.... same logic I think.

uth112001d ago

Or you could flip it around and ask if the runaway success of Force Awakens mean a space exploration game like NMS will be a huge hit?

But really, none have anything to do with each other.NMS will rise or fall on its own merits

wellard2000d ago

We could also ask pointless questions like, does Argentinas renewed political interest in the Falkland islands spell doom for the division?

Does the buyout of Cadburys by kraft spell doom for Uncharted 4?

What a silly article,

rainslacker1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Why even ask anymore? We all know everything is doomed. Consoles, games, gamers, MMO's, COD, FFVIIR, VR, creative thought, Dr. Doom, sexy game characters, physical media, the planet, the new Batman movie, the next Star Wars movie, my pet bunny rabbit, and everything else in this life that we hold dear. Ironically, the only thing that will probably succeed is the new Doom game.

T1ttyMunch3r2000d ago

Umm uhhh... the only similarities i can see are planets and spaceships...

rainslacker1999d ago

Destiny's decline is obviously indicative of people's lack of interest in those things. After the epicness of the last Star Wars movie, it's obvious that nothing will ever top that, so how can we be excited for more planets and spaceships. Maybe Destiny can start focusing on row boats and porta potties to liven things up.