Star Wars games we'd love to see in development

Gamespresso's Sheldon Jones takes a minute to think about some awesome Star Wars game concepts that we'd all love to see in development for the next generation consoles.

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NukaCola1610d ago

Jedi Knight IV oh soo bad

pompombrum1610d ago

I'd like to see a twist on the JK formula and instead focus on making a Sith Academy game instead. Completely agree though, Jedi Academy is one of the best Star Wars games ever made.

coolbeans1610d ago

I don't think it's possible for it to be 'JKIV' anymore since that's non-canon now. Perhaps a retreading of that structure with what happened to Luke's Academy between Episode VI and VII.

pompombrum1610d ago

Sith Academy where you play as Darth Bane? He's canon thanks the the last season of the Clone Wars tv series. If they followed the books, they'd even be able to have shooter elements too as he started off as a soldier not to mention the author of the books is technically employed by EA now (works for Bioware)

NukaCola1610d ago

Just the formula of an FPS/TPS with the story, puzzles, etc. Outcast is my favorite SW game. A MGSV style sith game where you go out on missions to destroy things, capture Jedi or kill them, build your empire would be awesome

vanders4r1610d ago

Star Wars made by CD Projekt Red

Scrivlar1610d ago

Another KOTOR, Jedi Knight, Pod racer, Rogue Squadron, Republic Commando, Bounty Hunter, Force Unleashed, And Galaxies please.

Perjoss1610d ago

People need to start talking about a VR lightsabre combat game. All 3 VR units will have motion controllers. Do it!

jangoblamba1607d ago

Problem with that is there's no feedback from the game, so if you swung at a guy with a lightsaber and he blocked the attack, your arm would still go flying in real life, but would be stopped in-game, leaving the player confused as to what just happened and the game code confused as to what to do with what you're arm just attempted to do post-block.

Lazyeye791610d ago

Star Wars 1313 and a sequel to Battlefront 2