Gamervision: Top Ten Reasons to Own an Xbox 360

GV reports:

''I'm sick and tired of people complaining about the "Console Wars." Sure, it was good and fun when I was seven, but hearing people write off the Wii as a "child's toy" or say that there isn't anything worth buying on the PlayStation 3 is annoying and I am sick of the ignorance. So I have taken it upon myself to go through all of the current generation (consoles and handhelds) and give the ten best reasons each one is worth owning.

The list isn't in any real order, more of a "loose order," so before you're at my throat about something being number two when it should really be number three realize that these aren't in any real order, just sort of ascending in importance. Oh, and before any idiots call me a fanboy for this, here is the Top Ten Reasons to Own a PS3 and the Top Ten Reasons to Own a Wii.''

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Silogon3807d ago

I always love when a site calls its readers idiots for not agreeing with their opinions and list.

"xbox 360 has the best games of any next gen system and trying to argue this fact makes you look like an idiot"

So, I guess our opinions don't count anymore. This site just got put on my never go there list.

-xbox doubles as a great space heater for college dorm room and or small apartments

-there are some useful spare parts inside the xbox 360 when it breaks down

-it can thaw out a good size steak in about 15 min if left on for more than an hour

-it's home to bought, exclusive, downloadable content. This shows Mmicrosoft is working for the gamer!

-It alows you into sneak peak full game betas before the real game comes out on PC with better graphics, content and gameplay.

-Home to an actual arcade in your living room; circa 1983 since they don't have any good arcade games past this year.

-Cheap, easy to work on hardware ensures you're already getting the max potential out of the system so they can drop a new system into your lap any day now. This is the kind of dedication gamers love to spend their money on cause they don't feel cheated out of not seeing the full potential of the system realised. "cough" ps3 "cough"

Those are the 7 they forgot to add.

Mr_Bun3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

I laughed so hard I think that I poo'd a little...Bubbles for you sir!

GiantEnemyCrab3807d ago

Don't you have some baby to punch or puppy to kick Siligon? LOL

KBDuB3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

It's not an opinion that the 360 has the best games. It's fact. And, hint I said, the best gameS(that's plural). The PS3 has probably the best game in MGS4. But, as a whole, the 360 has the better games.

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littletad3807d ago

First of all, this is a blog. This isn't news. If I wanted to see someone's love for a system expressed through rhetoric I'd see a Breakfast comment or head over to Gamefaqs.

InMyOpinion3807d ago

Or you could just check out one of Hiphopgamers posts.

Rocky873807d ago

1. Gears of War
2. Gears of War
3. Gears of War
4. Gears of War
5. Gears of War
6. Gears of War
7. Gears of War
8. Gears of War
9. Gears of War
10. Gears of War

TheColbertinator3807d ago

I prefer Gears for the Mac and PC.Better resolution and keyboard and mouse make the game much more smooth than the 360 version.

In my opinion of course

TheColbertinator3807d ago

If your gonna buy a 360,buy it for Xbox Live,Mass Effect,and Ninja Gaiden 2.Other than that,get a PC for Gears

Jellzy3807d ago

You think?! I agree with you that Gears is alot better on the PC due to higher resolutions and better controls in the mouse and keyboard, but also think Mass Effect on the PC is better for similiar reasons, plus the improved UI.

TheColbertinator3807d ago

Okay...Wait...Is that it?

Mass Effect was the only reason I bought 360 and if its on PC...I may have just wasted my money

Thanks for putting me down man.

juuken3807d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2, and a few rpg's. Other than that, nothing else interests me.

TheColbertinator3807d ago

RPG department has Eternal Sonata,Lost Odyssey,Star Ocean 4,Infinite Undiscovery,Fable 2 and the best game on 360,Mass Effect.

littletad3807d ago

Your comment sounds devilishly close to 360 supporting. Shocking...

juuken3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Your comment sounds devilishly close to jumping the gun. In case you haven't seen my comments lately, I still support the PS3 and Sony.

EDIT: Assuming that I didn't hit the disagree button?

littletad3807d ago

Had nothing to do with you. So I'm not jumping the gun or criticizing your own. And I know very well you support the ps3. I assume you hit disagree over that, so who was really jumping the gun?

LossTheEarthbreaker3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Ninja Gaiden 2 is a huge disappointment. And buggy. I haven't been able to bring myself to continue playing it.

Dead Rising,
Forza 2,
Dead or Alive 4,
Halo 3,
Tales of Vesperia,
Blue Dragon,
Infinite Undiscovery (should be great, but we'll see),
Mass Effect (if you don't have a pretty high-end PC),
Lost Odyssey,
Star Ocean 4,
Viva Piñata,
Gears of War 2 (inevitably a better version heading to PC, but whatever),
Project Gotham Racing 3 and 4 (haven't played 4 because I don't see much difference from 3 and I'm not too hardcore a racing fan),
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 (amazing sequel),
Braid (very unique and refreshing XBLA game),
Ikaruga and Rez HD and Soul Calibur and Symphony of the Night (if you haven't played them on other systems, I know SotN is on PSN, too),
Saints Row (was even better before GTAIV came out),
Kameo (some people liked this game a lot),
Beautiful Katamari (if you aren't burnt out on Katamari from PS2),
Halo Wars,
and Castle Crashers (multiplayer from the guys who did Alien Hominid, should be good).

I'm not saying you'd like all of those, but there's a ton of great games right there that mostly can't be found on other systems.

TheColbertinator3807d ago


Thats a good list but I really prefer most shooters to be on PC.Trust me,Gears 1 on PC with an Nvidia 8800 is amazing.The only games I care about on that list you had was Forza 2 and PGR4.Along with Mass Effect.

I'm not really an XBLA kind of person cause I prefer full 15-40 hour games.Sorry.


I have both PS3 and 360 so I can't decide between both.Its pretty hard.

Dmitry Orlov3806d ago

You forgot the upcomin' Fable 2 ^_^

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