We Sure Hope The DOOM Reboot Is Better Than DOOM 3

Hey Poor Player's Francis DiPersio writes - "Our ultimate DOOM may be on the horizon, but here’s hoping id Software has been paying attention since their last foray into the hellish shooter franchise"

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derkasan2001d ago

I thought Doom 3 was alright, but I see where you are coming from.

dead_pixels2001d ago

It wasn't the worst game ever, but I feel like id could have done so much more with it, especially when you look at the other FPS titles that released around the same time it did.

Ezz20132001d ago

I liked Doom 3
the graphics were amazing for it time was the atmosphere
and i enjoyed the horror elements.

GameHead852001d ago

I liked D3 too. Lol, I beat it like, 20 times.

suli55952001d ago

I personally didn't like the environments we saw in the 2 demo videos, but we haven't seen even 1% of the game yet, hoping it has more outdoors environments.

dead_pixels2001d ago

Outdoor elements would be nice, though they weren't especially interesting in DOOM 3, to be honest. It all depends on how they're implemented.

Dark_Crow2000d ago

I have a feeling any outdoor elements will look very dark or like ruins or cavern like.

Interesting. Now I want to see an outdoor environment in the game.
Taking a stroll through the gardens of hell.

suli55952000d ago

@dark_crow I just checked out the new trailer and it looks epic!

thereapersson2000d ago

@ Dark_Crow

Lots of burned trees, and hallways covered in thick vines.

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JMPetrequin2001d ago

Personally I already call it doomed

GameHead852001d ago

Nah, man, it still has a future.

JsonHenry2001d ago

Am I the only person that thought Doom 3 was good?

SteamPowered2001d ago

Hells nah. It was dark and spooky and fun! I actually really liked it.

GameHead852001d ago

I loved D3, and I still play the PC port of it evey now and then.

BrianOBlivion2000d ago

I loved Doom 3 too. Everyone I knew at the time loved it as well. Seems to be some revised and/or selective memories around here.

axesofevil2001d ago

I think it's pretty safe to say they have learned a bit based on the speed of the gameplay in the footage. Doom 3 was a great time when I was younger, but I don't think it has aged very well.

suli55952001d ago

Hasn't aged well? Come on it still rivals a lot of Xbox one games coming out right now lmao XD XD XD

ZaWarudo2001d ago

Doom 3 was good, but it wasn't Doom.

DOOM will be Doom again.

CorndogBurglar2001d ago

This is the comment i was looking for. I personally loved Doom 3 as a game. It just didn't feel like a Doom game.

It was very well made with great graphics and the atnosphere was actually spooky.

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The story is too old to be commented.