We Take Drugs, Turn Into Owl in Far Cry Primal Gameplay | Outside Xbox

The story campaign of Far Cry Primal continues as Outside Xbox looks to expand their primitive village with useful, hard-working people who will contribute to this burgeoning society. The first stop naturally is a mostly naked man in a wolf hat who makes them take drugs and think they're an owl.

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Timesplitter143090d ago

That sounds like a Vice article title


10 Games Worth Picking at the PlayStation Spring Sale

Rayan from NoobFeed writes - Sony's latest PlayStation Spring Sale is definitely worth looking for those who have been wishlisting these games after playing on PC and wanted to try them on a different platform.

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VivaChe836d ago

These are ok and all, but the real jackpot is the AC Antiquity Pack - AC Origins + Odyssey for under $25.00. Now that's a deal.


PSN Deals: Loads of New Discounts Added to PlayStation Store Sales (UK/EU)

PP: Sony has added a whole bunch of new games to its ongoing sales, and this week’s new additions are actually really good.

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Chronological Order of All Far Cry Games

From Xfire: "The Far Cry franchise is one of the most well-known names when it comes to video games, thanks to its exotic settings and lunatic (yet lovable) villains. The chronology of the main series is pretty straight forward, they're set in the year they were released in. While there isn't a lot of confusion surrounding the timeline of Far Cry 1-6, the stand-alone expansions and spin-offs make the chronology iffy."

iplay1up21245d ago

Playing Far Cry 4 on my Series X. It was on my backlog of games played, but never beat. The gameplay is so much better at 60fps. I am liking the fact some games I own and like are getting a free boost. It gives me a reason to go back and play them more.

DaleCooper1244d ago

Trying this tonight. 60fps Far Cry sounds great! (I don't have a gaming PC, so this is the only way I'm going to get 60fps with this game.)