Dyack confirms work "underway" on Too Human 2 and 3 as well as "other games in the pipe"

Speaking to VG247, Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack has confirmed that work has begun on both a second and third Too Human game, as well as revealing new, unannounced projects in the works at the Canadian developer.

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Jamie Foxx3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

wow one a decade
see you in 2018
wow i get to play it on the xbox 1230
whoop my grandkids get to play too human 3
guess i can buy the next one with my pension money
etc etc

too human was not the game it was hyped up to be nothing more can be said about the game,many view it as a bigger flop than haze/lair due to the fact it was in development time for much longer.. fine,but lets be adult and forget the flaming now,ps3 owners wont play this game anyways and if certain 360 owners wil buy this game its their money, their time,their enjoyment and their 360.

marionz3710d ago

yeah but seriously why was this game even hyped?

its looked bad since the first trailer was shown, stiff animation bland graphics....the people who hyped this game are the reason its getting so much flack now that its been shown to be nothing more then average.

i allways thought this game looked bad, so im not at all surprised by the reviews, blame silicon knights they are a rubbish company.

beavis4play3710d ago

your grandkids can play TH3 and you'll buy it with your pension money......funny, funny stuff!

MURKERR3710d ago

well written, buy next one with my pension now thats funny as hell!!


Delive3710d ago

I think it was hyped because it was an exclusive. A big budget trilogy to name along with Gears and Mass Effect. The way it used to be, your first game comes out. If it's good, it gets a sequel. If it's good, it's a trilogy. If it's good, it gets whore'd out ala Mario and Sonic, unless it''s a sports/racing game. Now, people are making a "Trilogy" before completing the first game.

StephanieBBB3710d ago

Stop deluting yourself that your visions are ment for other people. Find some friends that can ball park your ideas or if you can't find any, smoke some crazy ass weed so you get an apiffeny.

THEN! concider making an sequal.

Winter47th3710d ago

The guy's living in denial.

Your game TANKED, move on!

marinelife93710d ago

Why? He should see how the first one sells before starting the second and third.

beoulve3710d ago

how can you not hyped a game 10 year in the making.

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Mr_Bun3710d ago

He can't have this much time to talk to all these columnists.

pp3710d ago

Denis Dyack is a great games developer and i am looking forward to Too human 2 and 3

marionz3710d ago

thats a joke right....right?

RadientFlux3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

wow it seems that everyone is jumping on the Denis Dyack Hate Train.

god forbid that someone creates a video game that not everyone likes and decides to continue the saga.

edit: my comment was more directed at people like "marionz"

thereapersson3710d ago

It's just that PP doesn't belong in the Gamer Zone. I think one of the mods fell asleep at the controls...

Megatron083710d ago

@thereapersson given the replies that pp gave and you gave its obvious he belongs in the gaming zone more you do. All pp did was state that he'd enjoy Too Human 2 and 3. All you do is troll and the normal fanboy bashing so ya the mods are asleep or they keep people like you off here

thereapersson3710d ago

You better get your facts straight buddy, and think before you post something as ill-informed as what you just said.

Read PP's comment history - He embodies the world "troll".

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You bought an Xbox3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Your gonna make another 2 FLOPS
Too Flopman 2 Revenge of the FLOP
Too Flopman 3 The FLOP FLOP'S Again

Ha Ha

What a D1CK Dyack

Ha Ha

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