4v1 Multiplayer Reimagined in Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition

Dying Light’s unique blend of undead asymmetric PvP multiplayer mode “Be The Zombie” returns in Dying Light: The Following. The game’s developer Techland has released a new trailer showcasing the game’s new dimension of 4v1 online matches. As you can see in the latest trailer, the competitive gameplay gets much more dynamic and violent with the addition of weaponized buggies and the new map, allowing players to come up with completely new tactics for both survivors and the Night Hunter.

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derkasan2001d ago

Kind of reminds me of Evolve.

dead_pixels2001d ago

I can see that,but a lot more terrifying. It looks like vehicles are going to make this a lot more exciting than its predecessor.

krzysiek1997d ago

I guess that was their itnention. But nobody remembers Evolve after one years, while Dying Light is alive, kicking, and looking better than ever.

Dropdeadll2001d ago

What is Dying Iight the foIIowing? Is it aII the previous dIc bundIed or a new game?

dead_pixels2001d ago

It's the new expansion, which features a number of fixed for the core game as well. Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition also releases on the 9th, which includes the core game , expansion and host of enhancements.

Maxor2001d ago

Other zombie games should just give up now. Dying Light is just too good at what it does.