Rumour: "£40 million spent on Home so far,"

Videogaming247: We've just overheard some chaps talking about Home on the train to Leipzig from Berlin. This is what was said:

* £40 million has been spent on Home so far.
* Home's been in development for five years.
* Home was originally a PlayStation 2 initiative.

Home's likely to make a decent appearance in Sony's press conference at Games Convention this week.

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Omega43714d ago

5 years, well it better be super great when its released.

Although i still dont see people choosing to dance and play poor-mans bowling in HOME instead of a real PS3 game. They really should of focused on making the best 2D interface before going 3D.

yesah3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

no, home is mostly about the chatting and meeting new people. all the other features are just perks. Besides they seem to have done well with it, it looks amazing.

Panthers3714d ago

Oh you mean like Too Human should be super great as well.

When something takes that long to make, it usually isnt a good thing. Home will be cool, but I dont see myself using much unless I have a clan or something that really utilizes it.

juuken3714d ago

That shows how much you don't know about Home.

hunter213714d ago

just be glad its going to be free, thinking spending that amount of money and give to people for free with an outcome like that, what would you ask for.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3714d ago

There will be trophies specific to Home so that will be the incentive to play the games that fill the lounge areas.

marinelife93714d ago

50+ million USD on a complete online vitual world with Home or 50+ million USD on a few GTAIV expansion packs??

SkyGamer3714d ago

Hey man I am not saying this out of spite or anything but I sure hope that that doesn't mean home isn't going to be free. As I am sure that the GTA packs won't be free. I do agree with the above poster that they need to master 2-d and they should make it 3d. It's kind of like XP and Vista. Vista is great but it is just a graphical XP and XP is less of a system hog. Unfortunately MS pulled the plug on XP and I am not sure if home is going to be mandatory and if so, will they still support the original os if people choose not to have home?

whoelse3714d ago

That is so true. This money is by far better spent on something like Home than exclusive rights to DLC to a game which was overhyped.

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disrupt3r3714d ago

I dunno.. £40 million seems a little over the top

Hagaf223714d ago

thats what i was thinking too, for us americans thats a little less than 80 million on a game/program they dont plan on charging for, aside from the many microtransactions ofcourse, what i would really like to see from home is it be what comes up when you start up your ps3 then you walk to the movie area of you "home" or game area, instead of xmb, fully integrate it to the ps3,

disrupt3r3714d ago

This whole article is about some guy was eavesdropping on some other guy on the train having a conversation about home?

if that isn't a reliable source, then i don't know what is!

kazuma3714d ago

the only news-worthy stuff is the 40 million budget for home.
everyone already knows that it's been in development since the "end" of the ps2 -_-

BBCnewsrocks3714d ago

and even that 40million budget is not really news worthy, i mean, a man on a friggin' train.

dude_uk3714d ago


so home has a way bigger budget than any real game so far..except for killzone (rumored £60m)
i mean £40m is just about 70/80m dollars, and the fact that it was an inicial project for PS2 just makes you think about the things/games that haven't even been announced...

theKiller3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

what sony will gain from home will be more than any game!!

millions will join HOME and probably many will buy stuff from there and companies will pay sony money to advertise there, sony r very clever to do this and thanks to phil harison for that!

ps2 will own the competition when home releases!

thank u sony for being innovative and keep the industry alive unlike MS!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Spot on mate!!!;)
(you do mean PS3 tho) ;)
'thank u sony for being innovative and keep the industry alive unlike MS!'

I'm off Back to reading the 'Too Human' GOTY reviews!!! ;-D ;-D ;-D
MEGA!!! FLOP!!! ;-D More like 'FOTY' i.e FLOP OF THE YEAR!!! ;-D
+Poor 'pp'(pog)trying so hard to defend it!!! ;-D

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3714d ago

Videogaming247: We've just overheard some chaps talking about Too Human on the train to Leipzig from Berlin. This is what was said:

* It will be GOTY.
* It will be Better Looking than any game out so far.
* Only possible on xBox 360...

Then he looked at the Reviews off on his Laptop and Jumped off the Train!!! ;-D
(Or did they throw him off!!!) ;-D

theKiller3714d ago

sorry i meant ps3, thanks ken!!
yeah Mr Bun am back again!! i was away for some days!!

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