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"Life is Strange: Limited Edition greets 2016 with a fervent smile on its face. It’s a bold game to release so early in the year, in fact – it’s a bold game to release any time of the year. I say this because Life is Strange is less a conventional videogame and more an interactive choose-your-own adventure. Packaged with a 32-paged artbook, directors’ commentary and a fully licensed soundtrack, fans can now fully embrace the time-travelling escapades of a certain Maxine Caulfield the way they were truly meant to."

By Gary Marston

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Gatsu2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

I love the Limited Edition :), received it a week ago. The soundtrack and artbook are sooo amazing. It's also my first physical PC copy in many years.

LiS is in my top 3 games ever <(^_^)> and I don't think any game has made me feel so much before.

kraenk122002d ago

Truly amazingly atmospheric game. Masterful work by Dontnod. They are among my favourite developers atm because they like to experiment, do things differently (hence the studio name). Their last game Remember Me was also impressive on the character, atmospheric and story side. It just had a little strange fighting mechanics which hindered the game from becoming a truely great.