MARVEL Avengers Academy Details And Celebrity Voice News And Images

Marvel's latest mobile game has a star-studded lineup of celebs and you can see who will be voicing the iconic characters.


Marvel Avengers Academy Welcomes Spider-Man

Okay, the latest event for Marvel Avengers Academy has just launched- this time featuring Spider-Man and some of his friends, and foes.  This is another add-on special event, unlike the recently ended “British Invasion” event.  Spider-Man’s special is more in line with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Civil War events that featured special new …

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Marvel Avengers Academy Adds Gay Superhero

J Station X: Marvel's massively popular iOS and Android game, Marvel Avengers Academy, adds a gay superhero during its 'British Invasion' event.

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jessionpc2945d ago

Hoping for a big debate in your comments section?! :O

NukaCola2944d ago

I guess. Is the game trying to be controversial on purpose?

Fist4achin2944d ago

I'm so tired of having this quota in whatever media now. Just create a story and if having a gay character moves the story along, then so be it. Other than that, I couldn't give a shit what sexual preference anybody is, nor do I need it thrown in my face. The only reason I would lose interest in a story is if it sucks.


British Invasion Hits Avengers Academy

Carl Williams writes, "Marvel’s Avengers Academy has just received its latest special event. The “British Invasion” storyline is available in three parts. Right now gamers are able to participate in part one, if you do well, you will gain items/characters that will come in handy in parts two and three. Duh. There is a bit of backlash at this event from fans though."

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