Gamer 2.0 A Salute To Western Game Designers:

Amadeo Plaza reports:

''Two years ago we published an article entitled "A Salute to Japanese Game Designers." The article gained a lot of attention and to this day is cited in the Wikipedia entry for Satoshi Tajiri, creator of the Pokémon franchise. It's been quite some time since that publication, and such an article begs the question: "What about the western game designers?"

With that said, it would only be appropriate to salute the envelope pushing designers of the West who in recent and past times shaped our expectations of what good gaming should be. Although it's a debatable statement, for several years now, many of the innovations you see in today's games have been coming from western game designers, not their eastern counterparts. It's only appropriate that we highlight some of these brilliant minds.''

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techwizz3738d ago

Really good tribute to some of the best minds making games in the West. I'm a huge fan of the Housers (though GTA could use better mission variety) and Tim Schafer, who far too few gamers know about.

Harry1903737d ago

Ancel Mon Cher Michel,ou etes vous?