Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter Coming To PlayStation Store For PS3

Capcom announced that it will launch Breath of Fire V in PS2 Archives on February 17 in Japan.
The game originally released on November 14, 2002. It is the fifth role-playing game (RPG) in the Breath of Fire series.

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Relientk772002d ago

That little glimmer of hope that we might get a real Breath of Fire (6) sequel...(crappy mobile game does not count)

ZaWarudo2002d ago

Dragon Quarter... ugh. I remember this being one of my biggest disappointments during that era.

bangoskank2002d ago

It wasn't as epic in scope as the other games but it was a good game. I'd like to see an HD remaster as I never got a chance to finish it. Loved the art style.

VsAssassin2002d ago

Dragon Quarter was my first BoF game, and I can't say my experience was great all through out. It had a quite difficult mechanic that almost made me not to finish it. I hope they reboot the series, though.

Pancit_Canton2002d ago

A lot of times I questioned Capcom's decesion making when it comes to games and their choices.

Minimox162002d ago

First breath of fire 3 in US store and now Dragon Quarter for PS3, I tough it will be better has PS4 Ps2 classic with HD and trophies, but well its a start, hope this is a sign of a new Breath of Fire for next gen console and portable with great dragon system :D

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