Microsoft Approves of Console Romeo & Juliet With “Love Knows No Console” Achievement

The image of two console friends made the rounds today, warming hearts across the world.

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AngelicIceDiamond989d ago

Its very cute I love seeing stuff like this. Ones PlayStation fan the other is Xbox fan. Its funny because this sorta thing happens everyday its good to see it here in the gaming world. All it is two different brands with similar gaols which is to entertain us.

Websites like this just wanna act like children every time Xbox and PlayStation is mentioned. I really wish people would grow up get mature perspective and realize in REAL LIFE these petty arguments aren't real. Grown ppl with a 10 year old mentality its pathetic.

AizenSosuke989d ago

SonyXMicrosoft pairing= The SonyBox!?

Dee_91989d ago

wii u sitting in the corner masturbating


@AizenSosuke - Don't you mean SonyXMicrosoft pairing=SeXbox, now that would be a sexy beast.

Mr Pumblechook988d ago

A cynical marketing move. If a company truly wanted to portray themselves as 'all about the games' they wouldn't have branded the 'neutral' image with their own GREEN company branding!

glassgannon909988d ago

comes off as rather cheap to me....not sure whats funny
One , theyre using someone's private affair to market their product
and Two , itd be far more respectable to make such a statement by enabling cross play b/w ps4 and xb1 and telling aaron greenberg to sometimes put a lid on the salty marketing..but they continue to block cross play anyways so its just what it looks like,a usual cheap marketing move like the destiny perfume or the battlefront ads.

Apollosupreme988d ago

Who said PS doesn't have good game? XB appears to be in the palm of his hands. Haha

Unspoken988d ago

LoL, PS is thirsty af. MS sure knows how to market at venues.

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XanderZane989d ago

Yeah, it's pretty funny. Give fanboys something to talk about once again. If I ever make it to another E3 or ComicCon I'm going to were an Xbox One Shirt and a PS4 cap just for the helluva it. See what fanboys have to say.

Jonin7Spartan989d ago

You have a Xbox shirt & PS hat, just wow.....

reallyNow988d ago

^ he's got a nintendo thong.

XanderZane988d ago

Have a lot of gaming T-Shirts. Have one of the original Sonic/Knuckle shirts. Got Mortal Kombat, Halo, WoW, Tekken, Legend of Zelda, etc.. t-shirts. Anyone remember Speed Devils (Dreamcast)? Have one of those shirts as well. I made a mistake. I have an XBox cap and a Playstation T-shirt. I've been to 10 E3's, including the very first one which was in Chicago. It was still called the CES at the time, but it was dedicated to just video games. Went to both E3's in Atlanta, GA as well. Good times.

Kribwalker988d ago

10? That's crazy, I'd love to go to one but my wife laughs at me and calls me a nerd when I mention it, then she lists off all these places she wants to go too then too, and it gets expensive, so we go to Mexico all inclusive instead lol

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TLG1991989d ago

If you can't beat them, join them...

But seriously they both seem to respect each other, its just fanboys that make it was it is. they dont have to share exclusives and still keep good competition up and at the same time let me play online with someone on the other console.

OB1Biker989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

PS gamers able to play with xbox gamers would be awesome. Both companies are not saints though and have their parts in stirring fanboy wars.
The console war is a reality for the companies from a business point of view but fanboys war is gold for gaming sites.

Magnes989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

If only there where a platform where your particular choice of hardware didn't give the hardware maker full control of how and with who you enjoy your game. Seriously I own all three current gen. consoles and a gaming pc isn't anyone else tired of sony and microsoft dictating third party titles console exclusives aside why do we let them buy timed exclusivity and divide us from one another online.

spicelicka988d ago

They do have a nicer ass though...

CoNn3r_B989d ago

I sense a meme in the works.